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Backyard Treasures


Beginnings are happy things.

So many things to look forward to. So much to do. So many chances to get it right: 365 of them.

Endings are always hard, usually because you must be confronted with all your failings.

Loophole: if every end is engulfed by a new beginning, life is a little more bearable and the rate of failure goes down quite a bit.

This is why circles are like Mary Poppins: perfect in almost every way.

Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Backyard Treasures

  1. Today is a beginning in an ending day. Our daughter headed off to another city in another province to start university. A new beginning for her, an ending for all of us as a family unit in one place. A new beginning for my husband and me as just a couple, no longer a family. It’s going to be weird in a lot of ways.

    I tend to look at it as the start of a Grand Adventure for us all. Especially since, with today’s technology, she isn’t as out-of-touch as we were when we first moved out on our own.

    Happy New Year

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