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To protect, serve, and stand really still.

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I question sometimes why the Capitol Police stand there, no matter what the weather, doing their duty and protecting the good senators and congressmen and the crooked ones too.

Sometimes it bothers me that they would die for what they believe is right. And sometimes it bothers me even more to know that many have– not just the Capitol policemen, but policemen and law enforcers of all kinds.

But what would bother me the most would be to live in a state where I could not be vocal about the role that the police play in daily life.

Maybe all I should say is, “Thank you.”

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One thought on “Duty

  1. We live in countries where we can express our opinions publicly. Unfortunately, since we get our news filtered through reports that watch word limits and try to stay “interesting”, which often means leaving out facts that are boring, the impression we get is that most opinions expressed are negative.

    Sometimes it’s good to speak out in favor of things like people risking their lives to protect our way of life. It’s even better to understand why these people are willing to step beyond the ranks of everyday citizen to become the defenders, especially when it takes them into dangerous jobs and sometimes into even more dangerous countries.

    It doesn’t matter if I agree with what they are doing or not. That’s usually a policy decision and they aren’t the people who make the policies. But…they are the people doing the same old same old every day in all sorts of weather. It has to be boring to stand there all the time wondering if that one time when you are needed will happen today.

    I make it a point to say “Thank you” to the people doing the thankless jobs – the police, the firemen, the military, the bus drivers, the cleaners, etc. The look of surprise, the realization that there are people who appreciate what they do, is worth that brief moment of my time.

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