A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

That Happy Glow

A happy bubble over the Anacostia.

I was going to start this post with a negative word, but as it turns out, that is simply not possible.
Because, you see, sometimes you meet people who are optimistically happy about life. People who believe in you even when you don’t want to. People who have faith and people whose earnestness is a rare and seldom-appreciated form of courage. People who make you smile; people who bring out the best in you; and people who make you realize that greeting life with two fistfuls of sand at the ready isn’t always necessary

Here is a toast to the optimists we meet in life: may you always be bathed in a bubble of goodness.

May you always keep finding a good thing to say about everyone.

May you always be quick with a smile and a compliment, and may that can-do bubble protect you from those who mistake your naïveté and goodness for what they think is blandness or lack of an interesting disposition. You make the sunny days brighter: you keep life light. We all need you, like we need sunshine and puppies and kittens and soft down pillows.

Never, ever change– but if you must, only do so for the better. And please, keep smiling and having faith in those of us who really need it.

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One thought on “That Happy Glow

  1. I try to be an optimist but admit that sometimes Life can throw a curve ball a bit too difficult to handle for a while. However, several years ago I made up my mind to be a person who finds the best in life so I look at whatever happens and try to find something good from it. Sometimes that means looking at it really oddly. 😛

    It isn’t always easy to be optimistic. Some days I want to scream and throw things but instead I smile and make the best of it. One thing I do know is that I can control how I react to any situation. Another thing I know is that people do like to follow the example set by the people around them and setting the example of being positive and trusting others to be as positive and helpful as they can be will usually make people try to be better. Has something to do with not wanting to disappoint the people we care about or look up to.

    Oh, I admit it doesn’t always work. But, you’ve got to admit, it is hard to live with disappointing those cheerfully optimistic people. 🙂

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