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Derivative, Jejune, Post-Postmodern. A Rare Find!

Because sometimes it feels good to say, "fuck it."

One can get tired of being an apologist for one’s work, especially if one is pursuing some sort of bullshit fine arts masters degree that one’s ex-husband once pointed out was a really stupid thing to do, especially in this economy.

And by “one” I mean me. I totally, definitely, mean me.

I’m tired of justifying it all.

Sometimes, taking a picture is fun.
That’s all there is to it.
It may not be the best and most wonderful picture, or it could be. It could just be adequate– a picture that says little else other than “meh.”
You see it, you get on with your life. In twenty minutes, it’s gone. But it doesn’t need to mean much.
Because if I tell you the deeper layers of meaning — how I tried to line up Venus and Jupiter with the dome of the Capitol in an attempt at lining up hypothetical power with mythical power; how I pushed my camera’s ISO in a futile attempt to show that the machine can be mightier than the night sky and by so doing, reflecting on the true source of the city’s power; that the beam of light is supposed to guide your eye directly toward the celestial bodies; that the overexposure of the dome is supposed to be a mime of the planets– then I would put any future art critics out of business.
What’s the point of explaining anything if there is an entire industry of people out there, raring to explain and defend your work for you?

That is, if your work ever sees the light of day.

Until then, it’s just you, me, the planets and the bots.

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4 thoughts on “Derivative, Jejune, Post-Postmodern. A Rare Find!

  1. terrivixen on said:

    And we are glad to be with you.

    Never apologize for following your dream. It’s hard enough to hold onto dreams these days, let alone have the courage to follow them. Stand proud.

    And when someone criticizes you, take their picture and tell them you’ll be labeling it “The Skeptic”. 😛 At some point in your career you can take all the pictures of skeptics and make a mosaic picture of a large skeptic out of them.

    • You’re very kind. Still, it’s harder to get in a positive frame of mind when you’re getting bruised up. I must say, though, that the idea of a skeptic collage is intriguing.

  2. Sometimes, taking a picture is fun.
    That’s all there is to it.

    Agreed, sometimes taking them is fun. Ok, most of the time it’s fun. Sadness comes, when I realize my battery is about to run out, and I forgot my backup— that’s not fun!

    What I hate is when I see the perfect picture and don’t have my camera with me, then not having my camera is downright irritating!

    By the way, I love the shot includes part of the capital, along with the sky. I love taking cloud photos.

    I found your blog, via DCBlogs live… I’m a Maryland lady that enjoys checking out local or neighboring blogs.

    • Hey there! Running out of battery is kind of the worst– I think the only worse thing than that is accidentally deleting a good picture or losing it somehow. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back again.

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