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The Intangible

She was probably thinking, "Now I totally know how Brad and Angie feel." Or something.

Some days are easier to chronicle.

They just kind of jump onto your lap in all their dramatic glory.

They beg you, PLEASE TELL MY STORY! LOOK! I AM TOTALLY A RAINY DAY AND IT’S DRAMATIC AND YOU CAN TAKE A PICTURE AND OMG! (rainy days are very much Valley girls– ask them next time)

But some days aren’t as easy to peg down.

Their essence –their very hours and minutes– escape you. Maybe you live them in a drunken haze or a lazy stupor. Maybe you’re so busy you forget to draw breath and the day escapes you altogether.

Maybe the day starts earlier and earlier every time, and by the time you hit your stride, it’s over.

But when they are easy to grasp, it’s good to grasp them and appreciate them before they, too, are gone and ungraspable, forever.

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One thought on “The Intangible

  1. My days pass in a haze of sleep-deprivation. 🙂

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