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The Inevitable

It's always spring around here. You know, when people have already given up on resolutions and move on to taking pictures of nature being slutty.

So the year starts and our minds, freshly unhungovered (or, in my case, fresh off an excellent night’s sleep, as I was lame and did not stay up to send 2011 on its merry way) turn to attempting to start the year off right. A friend recently commented on Facebook about the beehive-like buzz of activity at the local gym: how the people who resolved to become leaner and more taut and sexy and thin crowd the gym and don’t ask for help when using the equipment.

When you don’t ask for help, you are bound to fail. And so the cycle of the resolutions starts: you start off with good intentions but do not avail yourself of help. You hurt or overtax yourself. The resolution –not you, never you– becomes the enemy.

You stop. You fail.

If you read this, I need your help. Help me keep blogging. I blog for myself, but, let’s face it: I hope someone will read it, too. That’s where you come in. If you read, say hello! Tell me you think I’m clever and witty; also, feel free to tell me I suck, if that’s your opinion. Entreat me to visit your blog. Tell me I sound like I should be writing with a quill pen. Tell me whiny entitled lady-rantings don’t appeal to you. Tell me this blog makes me look fat. Tell me my pictures are either gorgeous, or that they suck.

But for the love of the people tearing ligaments as we speak at the local gym, please: I ask you to help me stay motivated in this whole writing bit. Say something!

PS: Behold the beauty of my favicon! (A favicon is the little logo you see next to the URL in the address bar.)

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8 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Hello, lovely. 🙂 Please keep writing. I faltered in an enormous way with my writing last year. I barely touched my blog, and it eats at me that I haven’t been putting words out here in the ether. You have a gift. Please keep sharing it.

  2. Please keep writing! I’ve been here forever, quietly reading but never commenting. I was reading you long ago when I was writing Twitterpated. That was at least a child or so ago for both of us. Keep up the good work! I also enjoy your tweets. 🙂

  3. Samantha on said:

    I still read your blog whenever I see an update on facebook. I enjoy reading your posts, II don’t always know what to say in a comment but I am around!

  4. Happy New Year!

    Your blog is something I check every day because I do enjoy reading your posts. I also like most of the pictures you post. I think I’m going to copy this one, such a pretty flower.

    I comment when I have something to share – a wish for the season, an opinion on what you write, a view I think you might like to read. It’s also a way to keep in touch with you. 🙂

    Some days I don’t feel like doing much of anything then see you’ve posted something funny or unusual and it lifts my spirits. Other days, your posts can make me want to reach through the Internet and hug you.

    Keep writing, my friend.

  5. You guys are seriously awesome. Thank you, a million times over. **internet hugs**

  6. Mary Beth (@mom2cats) on said:

    You are a very lovely person- you gave me a twitter hug when my daughter, Sig, reached out to her friends when I was down in the dumps. I’m so glad that you blog and I love your pictures. Is that a new blossom? It is so perfect, I can smell it.

    One of my resolutions is to encourage other people this year since I lack being encouraged- that’s what being the change you want to see in the world is about.

    Please continue sharing your world with us!

  7. I think you are witty, charming, and charmingly witty. (I draw the line at wittily charming, though. Unless you buy me a drink.) I enjoy your photos and your writing very much. The image you have chosen for your favicon is beauteous. It is luminous.

    Please keep blogging. (And please encourage me to do likewise. I still love blogging, but it does get harder to keep at it when so many of my blogging friends are dropping their blogs like yesterday’s laundry. I refuse to drop mine. Also, I am behind in my laundry.) (Also, it is late, and I am experiencing late-night goofiness.)

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