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One Hundred Eighteen/ThreeSixtyFive: Spring Underfoot

One Hundred Eighteen/ThreeSixtyFive: Spring Underfoot by Madame Meow
One Hundred Eighteen/ThreeSixtyFive: Spring Underfoot, a photo by Madame Meow on Flickr.

Do you know what a reciprocal birthday is?

It’s a little thing I kind of made up to break up the dreary existence of the everyday and it goes like this:

* You find out the ordinal number of the day of the year you were born: for instance, if you were born on January 2nd, you were born on day number 2.

* Someone born on December 30th may be born on either day 364 or 365, depending on whether you were born in a leap year.

* Write it as a fraction of sorts: for January 2nd, it would be 2/363, in which two is the number of days that have elapsed in the year; and 363 is the number of days yet to elapse.

* Now, invert your fraction: 363/2. I call this a reciprocal because either way you look at it, it adds up to 365 (or 366 if you’re doing a leap year) and that is ONE year.

* Your reciprocal birthday is, then, December 29th, which is day 363, with two left to go (363/2).

* If you were born on February 29th, your fraction HAS to be 60/306 (both numbers adding to 366), and your reciprocal birthday would be November 3rd.

My reciprocal birthday I just celebrated, then, on April 28th– 118/247–a date I now look forward to every single year.  Be nerdy; be merry; enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “One Hundred Eighteen/ThreeSixtyFive: Spring Underfoot

  1. Vixen on said:

    *grins* I preferred taking the day 6 months after my birthday as my reflection birthday. Especially since all the celebrations for me occur close together. It was nice to have something to celebrate in the middle of the long period between celebrations.

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