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Misogynist Chic

Okay, so I –like the rest of the world, if you are to judge by Twitter trending topics— has been following the crazy ascent of Chris Brown’s new record, and his ridiculous tantrums.  Apparently, all that anger and raging-lunatic he has inside and unleashed two years ago on Rihanna is far from gone– he trashed a room after his interview with Good Morning America didn’t go as he planned, and then he proceeded to party into the wee hours with women wearing nothing but chonies.  And yes, he is steadily climbing to #1 on iTunes (as of this writing, his album is at #10).

I read about his interesting evening last night at the Daily Mail (funny typo: Daily Maul– I’m sure some people feel that way) thanks again to the magic of Twitter, always thoughtfully landing strange bits of information right in my lap.  I enjoyed the article and it was very informative, except…

You know there is always an “except.”

Please click through to read the article, if you want.  I have availed myself of an incriminating screen shot that I hope will make you go, WTF? (Click the picture for a large version.)

What does the fashion-conscious misogynist wear anyway?

Because, really, in the midst of some kind of yellowish coverage of some minor pop star’s triumph-cum-meltdown, I really would like Zappos.com to help me find out how I can recreate his outfit! Why, they even offer the “nerd” glasses!

I know that in these uncertain webby times, an online retailer has to somehow make a buck, Zappos.  But I must admit that I was so in disbelief of this particular bit of tastelessness, I went clicking through other Daily Mail pages, just to see if maybe Liz Taylor’s obituary, or that horrible front-page story about a murder also had some sort of sartorial tips for those among your readership who want to “dress the part,” so to speak.

I would tell you to get rid of that feature entirely, if it weren’t for the fact that I ended up spending a whole bunch of time on the Mail’s site AND now I am totally interested in a pair of those “nerd” glasses that approximate the frames Chris Brown was wearing, so well-played, Zappos!  Clearly, you are winning at e-commerce and web analytics, one tacky ad at a time.

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One thought on “Misogynist Chic

  1. Yeah, these targeted ads can get a little wierd. My personal favorites are the little adlets that appear in my gmail – to match up in style and content with my spam! Oh well, as you say, sometimes the ads feature just what you wanted to buy. It’s creepy though.

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