A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Doing Something Irrational

It's like an early birthday celebration around here. And well, cupcakes are round, just like pi(e).

Today is Pi day: 3.14.

Of course, if you are like the rest of the world and write your date as day-month-year, today is actually 14.3 and the date is of no consequence whatsoever to you.

But here we are, in America– land of those who want to be different from the rest of the world.  We have to have things translated into miles and feet and inches and we have to be told the day of the year in a certain way because otherwise we just don’t get it.

So yes.  Since it’s fun to find symbolism in absolutely nothing, and since my blog’s sixth birthday is coming in exactly one week, I decided to do something irrational (in honor of everyone’s favorite irrational number) and kick Typepad to the curb.

Typepad was nice while it lasted, but it was a little cumbersome and a little stodgy.  It didn’t really like to work well with Flickr.  And it was kind of expensive– although if you really want to trick out your WordPress, you eventually have to pay a comparable amount of money– it’s just that WordPress kind of sneaks up on you.

But maybe all that was needed was a little change.  Ditch the logo, which was pretty but was getting a bit long in the tooth (I will miss my favicon, though).

A clean start.

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