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Feeling the Love

Crimson Tide (Day one hundred thirty-seven), originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Today, I came to a simple conclusion: everyone likes having their picture taken.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes what is actually captured on film or by a digital sensor. This is why people say they don't like to have their picture taken.

Photography these days is not as expensive and forbidding a hobby as it once was, so everyone can have access to a portrait. The problem then becomes something that has been as elusive in the beginning as it is now: a way to know exactly how to pose to look one's best, and a person holding the business end of the contraption who can make you look good.

I think everyone deserves being able to come out of the getting-your-picture-taken closet– even shopping carts at Target.

Do I think I am the person who will make you snap out of it and make you think you like having your picture taken? I don't know about that. However, I do know that suddenly it feels a little like a light has been turned on: I understand human nature a bit better.

Everyone wants to be loved. Loved and held precious in some way is the key to the riddle: and a well-taken picture is the ultimate Valentine for most of us.

We just need to find that someone who can love us enough, even for just one instant.

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One thought on “Feeling the Love

  1. What a cool photo.
    And some brilliant insights.

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