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Learning New Tricks

My journals always suffered a great deal because handwriting took such a loooooong time and by the time I ever got pen and paper out, all the good ideas seemed to be gone. But honestly, this mobile blogging thing with a keyboard ergonomically suited for a mouse makes handwriting anything sound like such a novel, FAST idea (so you grab the quill and it just WRITES?????) that perhaps I have finally come around full-circle and must admit,
1. That writing is hard, laborious work no matter how you go about it


2. Ain’t no bitty screen or keys gonna get the better of me, formatting be damned.

Meowcrest out.

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One thought on “Learning New Tricks

  1. I will never handwrite anything serious ever again. I type much faster than I write (most peple who can type at all, do), and my hands still have trouble keeping up sometimes. I only use a pen for my signature if I can help it.

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