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Randomata: File Under “Cool Stuff”

Hey there Interwebs!  I'm writing you a quick missive here because I want you to do two things:

1. I would like you to pay a visit to my generous friend, SoloMother.  Not only is she a talented writer, but she is also giving away these totally cute and fully recyclable lunch totes from ReSnackIt!  Even if you don't have kids, many of you take your lunch to work; and even if you have no kids and don't work, surely in your leisure you must have time to go to a picnic– and therefore you need to go to my friend's blog and enter the giveaway! :o)

2. And speaking of cool things, Herr Meow recently got to test a toy from the kind people over at eBeanstalk, who are dedicated to selecting good, safe educational toys and
learning baby
gifts.  They sent us the cutest wooden toy called Activity Bus from Plan Toys, a
maker of eco-friendly wooden
toys. We got to play (and play, and play, and play) with this adorable little wooden school bus that turns into a classroom and the possibilities seemed endless.  Herr Meow loved to pretend that the teacher and student that came with the set were father and son, for instance.  They also had a turn as pirates and firefighters and he spent countless hours making voices and moving the figurines around.  Even Don Meow was transfixed by the pretty, bright colors– however we did make sure to keep his chubby little fingers away from the figurines, to prevent choking. 

Anyhoo– there's something to spice up your humpday.  I will be back later in the week to finally deliver my boob-related post.  Or perhaps I will finally tell you about my brush with a vice squad sting operation.  Oh I know– the wonders never cease. 

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