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Randomata: The “Delight In Little Things” Edition

Recently in the Meowhold, we have had a very interesting experience related to how some people out there in InternetLand think that things are more private than they really are.

I don't want to give away too many details at this stage (though details will certainly follow, as schadenfreude is one of my favorite feelings, like, EVAR), but let's just say that I find it charming and amusing how human stupidity is one of those things that just keeps giving and giving.  And giving.

It's a sight to behold.


I would like to point you to yet another Zen Sarcasm Reviews entry, and to ask for your participation (pretty please?).  Go here and see which things out of the ones listed you have done or would like to try out.  And if you're feeling extra generous, tell me something you like to do in summer.  I would love to try your suggestions out (within reason, of course).

Go forth and continue being devoured by mosquitoes!  Or alternately, devoured by frostbite– unless you're in a place which is safe from the blight of either; in which case watch out for choking on popcorn, or something like that.

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2 thoughts on “Randomata: The “Delight In Little Things” Edition

  1. you just assisted me in my mission to learn a new word a day. schadenfreude is now one of my favorite new words. haha.
    i get so caught up in life and forget to visit my favorite blogs and when i do, i think, what took me so long? must pop by more often for a good dose of sarcasm because, girl, you’ve got it going on 😉

  2. Would love to participate in the “what have you done with your children?” portion of the review, but I’ve done none of those things with anyone’s children. SORRY!
    I *could* have a Japanese tea ceremony with my niece when I visit next month. That’s actually quite a compelling idea!

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