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Grace and Naps: Priceless

I am cross-posting here from Grace in Small Things, because while I have not been feeling like blogging lately–what with trying to sleep and recover, I have not been able to locate my inspiration– I did feel like being a little grateful and catching up.  So here we are: a special slacker post, just for you!

Incidentally, I MUST post about a great book I've been reading while nursing Don Meow at 3 am: The No-Cry Nap Solution, by Elizabeth Pantley.  This book is a MUST READ, even if you have no kids– certainly it's driven the point home that naps are not just necessary but they are a way of life.  I promise, this post will come soon!


Yes, it's true: I am trying to catch up on a whole bunch of days all in
one post (catching up on TWENTY-ONE days' worth of thankfulness, no
less). It is a tall order for one blog entry, but I am confident this
little post is The Little Post That Can.

First and foremost, I am catching up because I gave birth two weeks
ago. It's true that some people are up and running marathons or walking
the Victoria's Secret catwalk within two or three weeks of giving
birth, but I am still just trying to take things in stride and get some
sleep. So this will not be a conclusive list, but here is a good effort:

1. Little Don Meow, Herr Meow's baby brother and new love.
2. Having a quick labor (which did not seem so quick at the time).
3. The way the Wilson Bridge, the Washington Memorial and Old Town
Alexandria looked all lovely and lit up the night I gave birth.
4. No traffic on the Capital Beltway– this is, more than Grace, a miracle in itself.
5. Being able to laugh through vicious contractions.
6. Good hospital food. It exists, amazingly enough.
7. Nice nurses who truly care for their patients and trust their patients.
8. Lovely, kind people calling to congratulate and issue good wishes.
9. Family.
10. Noggin.
11. Sprout.
12. Cable, in general.
13. Sleep.
14. A baby bladder that works in proper order, even if it means getting
sprayed with a generous plume of pee on an occasional basis.
15. Friends who help out or offer to help out.
16. Home-cooked meals.
17. Waking up weighing ten pounds less. The thrill is cheap, but it doesn't quite get old.
18. "Time Bomb" by Rancid.
19. Milk!
20. Being able to bend over without gasping for breath.
21. Celebrating five years of marriage.
22. Reconnecting with people you really, really like.
23. "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" by Tárrega.
24. Memories triggered by songs.
25. Wine, delicious wine.
26. Prosecco too.
27. Typos that make "prosecco" turn out like "prosexxo"– which is quite a statement.
28. Windowshopping online.
29. Catching up and surpassing one's birth weight.
30. Being an inch longer than when we were born, too.
31. GOOD haircuts on the men in your life.
32. Naps.
33. Mothers who can cook well, and do.
34. Blankets and covers and pillows and warm things.
35. Newborn fuzz.
36. There can never be enough gratitude for Netflix in my heart.
37. Or for chocolate.
38. Or for food in general.
39. Or for blogging, really, even as much as I've neglected it lately.
40. Or for life in general, which is pretty thankfulness-worthy.

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4 thoughts on “Grace and Naps: Priceless

  1. I loved this post! Having given birth myself just over two months ago, I can understand being thankful for the little things. At least for me, I feel like I’ve learned to be so much more thankful since my son’s birth. 😀 Your baby is beautiful! 😀

  2. congratulations to all of you!!!! what a sweet little man you have!

  3. All that just made me smile. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Just dropping by to say Hi!
    Great site!

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