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Cat Wishes, Fancy Feasts

Green Eyed Lady, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Sometimes I wish I were like my cat.

I wish I could command the kind of breathless admiration that follows a feline around a room, and I wish I could be comfortable enough in my own skin and fur to just be, in all my glory, staring at the sun and knowing with every fiber of my being that I am truly all that I can possibly be, and that it is all good, and well, and okay.

I wish I had nothing but good angles; and if good can't be had, at least cute or droll or amusing would suffice.

I wish I had a downy head that would entice even the most finicky person into nuzzling me.

I wish I had gorgeous green eyes that glimmered in the sun.

And I sometimes wish I had the supreme capacity for indifference that makes it possible for my cat to walk wherever she wants, lick her own ass, and ask for deep affection only when she wants it.

Either that, or the smaller cerebral cortex that makes lack of caring as easy as breathing.

Sometimes being a human sucks.

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2 thoughts on “Cat Wishes, Fancy Feasts

  1. i envy my cats sometimes too, but that’s mostly because all they do is sleep and eat all day and they don’t have to worry about a job or a mortage or bills. they are so lucky!

  2. You don’t have to envy your beautiful cat! You are beautiful, funny, kind, resourceful, curious, original, etc. etc. Enjoy being you with all your innate qualities…

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