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The Post I Honestly Didn’t Think I’d Be Writing So Soon

I don't think I'm ungrateful, honestly. 

I take time to smile at strangers and value my health and I can find joy in certain arrangements of muzak in an elevator.  I like to feel a little more helpful in life by replacing products back on shelves in stores and I can appreciate lame puns and even laugh mirthfully at them.

I even used to volunteer to ring the Salvation Army bell, LA.  And while freezing my butt off in so doing, I would try to be as un-obnoxious as possible while shaking that little red thing (I know. I was a rarity).

So okay, I don't think I'm ungrateful.  But this "Grace in Small Things" deal is starting to get a little on my nerves.  There seems to be this little thing where there is such a thing as being too grateful, perhaps?

Is that bad?  I mean, it's not like it's ingratitude, right?  I still appreciate things, but the whole thing is making me feel like it's a chore, which is the opposite of appreciating them for what they are.

So before I become totally ungrateful and jaded about blogging, I think I need to stop.  Finito– no more: I am done with Grace for now.

And if you'll excuse me, I have some Tropic Thunder to watch, for which I am grateful.

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4 thoughts on “The Post I Honestly Didn’t Think I’d Be Writing So Soon

  1. Your plan sounds like a healthy one. I think I’d have trouble keeping it up for as long as you did.
    Not that I’m ungrateful, either. Well, maybe I am sometimes ungrateful. But generally I appreciate things. I just don’t think I’d appreciate feeling like I needed to itemize all the things I appreciate. Or maybe I would, with my list-loving, cataloguing tendencies. But I’d probably feel all out of balance without also listing the things that annoy me.
    Ugh. Long, rambly, largely incoherent comment. Comes from being up too late.
    I’m grateful for sleep. But apparently not grateful enough to try and get a sufficient amount of it.

  2. It’s okay to be grateful for graceful endings. 🙂
    Sorry if I unintentionally touched a nerve with the S.A. thing. I’m sure you were a much more considerate ringer than most.

  3. Tropic Thunder! The first minutes of it I thought, wtf? I’m going to hate this movie. Then it got funnier and funnier and funnier… 😀

  4. When something you like feels like a chore then it’s better to stop before you start to really dislike it.
    Personally I think it’s better to do something in moderation so that you continue to enjoy it. Which is why I do my grace in small things in my head when it happens. 🙂
    Take care. Happy Holidays!

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