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Grace in Small Things: 10 & 11/365

Originally considered as "Grace in Small Things: FAIL"

Yup, I took a break from blogging yesterday.  I considered it.  I actually got home yesterday sometime around 11 pm so I had a whole hour's worth of blogging but instead I (wisely, I think) decided to get into bed.

I must say, there is much grace in being able to take a break from blogging when one is in order, don't you?  The moment something starts to feel like a chore, it's time to reassess priorities and realize that even if there is much to be learned from daily blogging, there is also something nice in being your own boss.

Enough digression: I am back for today, with a double grace.

1. Being able to take even a small break from blogging.

2. Doing a double grace, where you realize that 48 hours are far more filled with grace-worthy things than 24, and therefore this thing should write itself.

3. The glee and intensity of a Dr. Fish pedicure, and the good fortune of sharing my first one with a good friend :o)

4. Watching a fun show featuring a very tall drag queen in very high heels.

5. A beautiful full moon rising over Maryland Avenue and making it look unusually magical.

6. Getting to see a whole bunch of six- and seven-year olds playing hockey and looking little little LEGO men.

7. Those Harris Teeter free cookies for the kids.  That's right: I love eating them, although I'm well aware that they are meant for the kids.

8. Selling all those wreaths.   Finally… ah…

9. Having a fun time at a friend's party, especially as a confirmed introvert.

10. GPS.  I will readily admit, life is not the same without it.

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