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Grace in Small Things: 1/365

Day one.  For these things, I am grateful:

1. For Schmutzie, who started this project.  She is easily one of the most generous people on the internet, both with her talents and her time.

2. That Netflix exists, and for having some Bones episodes to watch.

3. That Funny or Die made this video, which has been a source of joy and mirth in the Meowhold today.

4. The baby seems to be kicking up a storm, even though I am a little nervous about my body.

5. Seeing the United States Capitol lit up at night, because it's like a big princess torte with Freedom on top.

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One thought on “Grace in Small Things: 1/365

  1. Oh, that is a great video. I love it!
    Hurray for baby kicks!

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