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Eat More Turkey Instead

As we watched yet another awesome episode of House M.D., I couldn't help but noticing one annoying, disturbing trend: the ads for Black Friday are jaw-droppingly aggressive this year.

I guess they are aggressive every year, but for some reason the fact that we were watching this intense show about people possibly dying and being held hostage and so on kind of superimposed over all these impossibly bright and cheery Technicolor ads begging you to please buy on Friday, made them even more vicious and aggressive, as if they could lure you to buy by sheer happy cuteness, thriftiness appeal, and retinal overload.

Honestly, I find Black Friday a little sick if for no other reason than because it forces people to get up at four in the morning or sometimes earlier just so they can buy crap that will be returned on December 26th more than likely.  In other words, Black Friday is a temporary economic palliative and not a real fix to any kind of economic downturn, because most of the merchandise was sold at deeply discounted prices and most of it is coming back anyway.

So enjoy your day after Thanksgiving instead without spending money.  How about that?

Go out for a walk or go visit friends and family and enjoy the free pleasures that life has to offer, like sunsets and crisp autumn walks and blogs! 

Support Buy Nothing Day.  Buy less for Christmas.  Cut back on presents and excess. 

Live up to the spirit of the season.

And when in doubt, overeat.  Mmm…… turkeymashedpotatoesyamsgreenbeansandlotsofstuffing…… ❤

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4 thoughts on “Eat More Turkey Instead

  1. By now you probably know me well enough to know that “Buy Nothing Day” is one of my favorite days… 😀 I try to make every day of the year a “buy nothing but groceries” day!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. You speak the truth as always.
    I will not set foot in a retail establishment on Friday.
    I will do a drop of shopping manana because most stores in NYC are open.
    Have a Happy,

  3. Well put.
    “And when in doubt, overeat. Mmm…… turkeymashedpotatoesyamsgreenbeansandlotsofstuffing…… <3"
    is followed immediately by:
    "Save to del.icio.us"
    What can I say? I'm easily amused.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Lol… Lets not forget candiedyamscornpumpkinpievanillaicecream.
    I love your blog design by the way!

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