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Randomata: The “Itemized Deduction” Edition

It's amazing how sometimes there is NOTHING to write or talk about, and then some days there isn't enough synapse capacity to handle it all.  But that's okay– I'm a blogger and I suffer for my art.


Item one: meeting bloggers

Now, I've been meaning to write about this for a while but hadn't gotten around it.  It's not just the fact that I'm weird or neglectful (both of which are, alas, true) or that I have this in-built delay process of blogging where I like to digest my actual events before I commit them to the bloggable page (which is also true, much like the seven second delay exists to censor all the "fuck this" and "fuck that" on live television, which this is quite obviously not).  It's that I get nervous and giddy and excited and a little self-conscious when I meet fellow bloggers because, well, we're a weird breed.  We coexist (mostly) peacefully in your planet, but we haven't developed a secret handshake to be easily identifiable à la freemason, so we often pass each other like ships in the night, never knowing that were we to identify each other we'd geek out so hard it would be painful to those not blessed with a high degree of geekery.

But I have been meaning to blog about meeting Juliet of Girl With Flat Hat (and her little girl), with whom Herr Meow and I had a playdate at the Building Museum; and of going to LA's Bloggery's Happy Hour and meeting several local bloggers while sharing merriment and libations, which were both incredibly fun events.

So here is a belated shoutout to Juliet, who I hope had as much fun meeting as I did, and another shoutout to the lovely people behind LA Cochran, Urban Bohemian, Charlotte Harris, "It's Toasted" (the B part), The Restaurant Refugee, Sean's Ramblings, The Gilahi Blog, The Chronicles of Tewkesbury (hi JM!!  a year is, in fact, too long!!), Culinary Couture, (I'm thinking I didn't meet you, because I was lame and was the first to leave) Live it, Love it, Who Invented Roses, and (That's Why) The Lady Is A Tramp.  It was really a pleasure meeting you all!!


Item two: that broadcast delay thingy I mentioned, but for blogging

I am not sure how many bloggers proceed on this issue, but usually if there are tricky events in my everyday life that I am itching to blog about, I tend to give them some lag time.  The lag time is so if anyone recognizes him or herself on the pages of this blog and finds it unflattering, that they may be led to believe it's not really them, because, didn't that happen eons ago?

So now that I've shared that with you, my reading audience, I realize there is a reason I do it.

A really good reason; maybe two reasons, even, or three.

So I think I'm going to stop for now and tell you some other time about, er… stuff.


Item three:  oh yeah– it's very cold around here.


Item four: I totally killed my muse with item two.  Can you tell?


Item five: Happy Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Randomata: The “Itemized Deduction” Edition

  1. So good to meet you!
    And thanks for cluing me into Moo cards. I am a little more geeky, thanks to you. 🙂
    Not only did Lemmonex show up but we eventually moved the party to the Rocket Club, which was an interesting experience in itself.
    Glad you made it for as long as you could. 🙂

  2. I had a great time! And I have a new favorite place in DC. The Building Zone will only get better as Baby With Flat Hat gets older.

  3. Everybody at the meetup was a character in his/her own way. An intellectual conversation about the affects of brain damage on music appreciation (while we’re sitting there killing brain cells) was above and beyond the sort of interaction I expected to engage in that night. Thanks for coming!

  4. Damn Item 2!
    It was great seeing you again the other night. We must make a point of minimizing the infrequency of our getting together.
    Hope you find your muse again. And soon!

  5. I’m starting to think that we need a secret handshake, even though blogging isn’t a very exclusive club. I tend to be a pusher, encouraging my friends to get an account and start writing.
    The happy hour was a lot of fun and this whole meeting other bloggers thing is kinda cool!

  6. It was truly lovely meeting you as well! Til next time…

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