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Here to Analyze the Party, Forty Years Late

I just finished watching "La Dolce Vita" and I have this intense need to do several things:

  1.  Blog about it (check!)
  2.  Tell you just how beautiful and depressing it all is.  All of it.  All two-plus hours of it.
  3. Repeat a million times just how gorgeous Marcello Mastroianni is.  We're talking gorgeous.  Goooooorgeous.  Really, really, really, really untouchably beautiful.  Sometimes it kind of hurts your eyes a little to look at him in certain scenes, when he's smoking and looking sideways and just exuding manliness.
  4. Learn Italian.  Italian is like sexy Spanish– even the ugliest people sound sexy speaking Italian, which is rather amazing because I'm sure that if you're speaking and listening to Italian because you're Italian and you're not thinking about it you're not even remotely thinking that you sound sexy.  But such is an outsider's perspective.
  5. Did I mention this is an incredibly depressing movie?  It's happy and all and I know it's supposed to be about sex and debauchery, but in a way saying that it's supposed to be about happiness and sex and debauchery is like saying that "Schindler's List" is this movie about this guy and his factory.
  6. No one has a sweet life.  If you think you envy someone else's life, be they famous or not, you're certainly not living their life.
  7. Innocence is a scary mirror for many.

Alrighty– ciao for now, darlings.

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4 thoughts on “Here to Analyze the Party, Forty Years Late

  1. Ok. Now I’m going to have to watch it. I’ve never seen it…

  2. Mmm, I loved that movie. Now though, every time I think of it, I remember Gilda Radner’s sweet and funny spoof, “La Dolce Gilda”. I am sooo old.

  3. Found you on NaBloPoMo – Nice blog!

  4. Anita– I’d always been curious, and glad I gave it a chance. But beware– it’s like 3 hours long.
    Joie– I’m going to have to YouTube that now! Thanks!
    CityGirl– Thank you! Hope you stop by again and I will do likewise :o)

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