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A Red Star That Points To Shameless Capitalism, However, IS Ironic, Alanis

First off, thank you to DC Blogs for picking up my post from yesterday!  And thank you to you kind new readers who are taking your time to look around– allow me to direct you to the archives on yonder right-hand side bar —->

And to follow up to all the lovely new readership taking a tour of the place today I have… relatively little.  I'm watching Dancing With The Stars, and although some of the performances have been quite captivating and fun, there is a high degree of creepiness with those reeeeeally young dancing kids posing as adults and Cloris Leachman being all doddering and weird and drunken-acting.  She's the one to beat?  Holy crap– is ABC issuing powerful narcotics through the airwaves?

I think I should watch ABC more often in order to test my theory.

Also –and I realize these are just my regional ads and people reading elsewhere don't get to see them– but ads are also creepy.  Barbie Bucks?  Bond Girl fragrance, with not-so-subtle rich person subliminal message to INSTALL A SAFE IN YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE THE ECONOMY IS TANKING, and okay, not creepy but Katie Holmes should rethink her newest hairdo because it makes her look overly mumsy and oh yeah:

The magic of Macy's?

Macy's does not stand for magic anymore.  Macy's Inc. –or it's soulless parent company, Federated Stores, which decided to clean the slate and drop the evil Federated name and just *be* Macy's— has systematically bought up the glittering competition and stripped America of most of their beloved regional iconic stores.

Macy's is all about the sales and the ridiculous amount of coupons and about the aggressive red-and-stars agenda, even if they insist in pushing the iconic clout of their own name themselves.  Sure, sailors have Polaris; but any savvy shopper worth her salt knows to follow that evil little red star armed with the coupons and milk it for all its worth. 

Having said that, they do seem to have a sale almost every single weekend.  Maybe that's not all bad.

But I still hold a funny grudge for never having been able to shop at the Liberty House in Honolulu thanks to Macy's evil acquisition of the chain in 1999– an opportunity I wasted back in 1997, the first time I was ever there.


The moral of the story?  Shop today, and shop tomorrow, but cherish the unique experience while it is still there.  Also, don't max out your credit cards because you won't be doing any more shopping at all for a while, now will you?

Oh yeah, I guess you will.  But that's only because credit card companies know you're a sucker.

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One thought on “A Red Star That Points To Shameless Capitalism, However, IS Ironic, Alanis

  1. Well put–this was a great read. I think you said it pretty much perfectly with your moral– Shop today, and shop tomorrow, but cherish the unique experience while it is still there.

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