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And Sometimes, A Blog Entry Is Just That


Fellini the cat: You go forth; you go back; but in the end, you don't go anywhere.
Enriqueta: I'm not in the mood for deep discussions, Fellini– sometimes a swing is just a swing.

If you're a reader of Spanish, or even if you're handy with a bilingual dictionary, you should go read Liniers's cartoons.  Because they are cute.  And funny.

But really, they are cute if you don't understand them.  And that's fine too.  I mean, what else is Hello Kitty in this Earth for anyway?

Alrighty– happy Saturday!  If you feel like commenting, you can tell me something weird.

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One thought on “And Sometimes, A Blog Entry Is Just That

  1. Todos los gatos son pardos…it isn’t weird, and yet it fits 🙂
    I’ll have to check out more Linier.

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