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Randomata: The “Seriously, Not That Much Going On” Edition

You know what's funny?  The more people say that a show is an amazing breakthrough and a riveting drama, the more they mean they are watching a glorified soap opera.


Whatever ridiculous thing you see a character on TV doing, be assured you can find its even more astonishing real-life counterpart within any of your six degrees of separation. 


Watching other people embarrass themselves can sometimes be more painful than embarrassing yourself.  But, you know, just a little better because at least it's not you, right?


Nail polish is awesome.  Even if you don't wear it, you can fix mesh screens with it and label keys so you don't have to shell out twenty-five cents to buy those little key plastic covers that tell them apart.  Or you could just wear it.


Sometimes I really want to hurt obnoxious people.  Then I realize that jail sounds like a sucky little place.


I've been having this annoying little cough right before I go to sleep for the past few days.  It's kind of pissing me off.


Say what you will, but we're in this economic mess because people are generally selfish, greedy pigs who shouldn't be trusted.  And that goes right down to the penny tray, so don't even think you're safe.  Today some dude asked me for twenty-five cents because he was hungry (though he looked perfectly well groomed and put together) and when he actually got my last thirty cents, he didn't even say thank you.  Rude.


Vietnamese is an odd language.

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