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Randomata: The “the-Kid-in-There-Won’t-Stop-Moving” Edition

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Not much to say lately.  Bit disconcerting.

Today I had an OB appointment and as the doctor tried to determine the fetal heartbeat, the little thing would not stay still for more than the minimum fifteen seconds necessary. 

The verdict?  Either I'd just had the sugariest lunch on earth, or this little kid is going to be a whirling dervish.

I had beans and rice.  Oh-oh.

Why do we need British people to tell us the ugly truths in this life?

Don't you get me wrong: I like British people.  But first it was the nannies telling parents that they were subpar and they sucked (I think the accent breaks the news more gently?).  And now it's an angry chef telling people they suck.  And really, these people do.  I mean…. many of these shows are just an intervention or two away from either murder or bankruptcy.  And yet, what somehow ends up happening is that these people let some accented stranger from across the pond give them this warped and often brutal therapy with the whole country as witness.

When, really, what some of these people need is either forced labor or a realization that they are not cut for the food service industry.

The lack of shame in some people is both curiously appalling and yet compellingly watchable.


Um…. I'm also sharing a random picture with you.  If you're in the DC-Baltimore area, you should go to the Railway museum.  Good times, seriously.

Crane, Flags

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