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Some Say He’d Be One Hell of a Leader of the Free World…

I have to come clean with you guys: this political rigmarole is really getting on my nerves. 

If I have to hear one more thing about how so-and-so is a liar, or a saint, or a hero, or a community something-or-other, or over/underqualified for the job, or a VPILF I also like to hate, I think I'm going to seriously consider voting Libertarian or something.  Not that there is anything wrong with the Libertarian party, per se, but there is a part of me that feels that "Want not, waste not" also applies to political votes; last I checked, we're a bipartisan system.  Alas, a vote for a party not in the system is kind of a wasted vote.

The bigger irritant these days, too, happens to be the onslaught of Facebook political groups cropping up faster than you can rip chads out of ballots.  For every one group supporting a candidate, there are five denouncing him or… quite frankly… her.  It makes me a little sick to my stomach how people really hate Sarah Palin.  I mean, whatever happened to respectful dissension?

Anyway.  I am glad that Facebook also caters to the apolitical renegades such as myself by creating such wonderful groups as "I FLIP MY PILLOW OVER TO GET TO THE COLD SIDE,"  "I have a procrastination problem but I'll deal with it tomorrow," "Saint Magnum P.I. : Patron Saint of the Mustache," and "The Stig."  These groups make me feel part of something truly light and silly, and of something lasting, because, really, those of you who don't flip over your pillow in the middle of the night and reach a delightful coolness to rest your cheek upon have no idea what you're missing. 

Mm.  Cold pillow.

Speaking of previous topics, though, if The Stig were eligible, he would totally get my vote: strong, silent, and a hell of a driver under any condition.  Isn't that what we need in a leader?  He's the total awesomeness leadership package, with his nice jumpsuit and helmet, and with access to all manner of amazing cars.  If that doesn't recommend him, I don't know what does.

Yes, there is that sticky bit about him being anonymous and British, but really, technicalities are so odious, aren't they?

Maybe I'll write him in.

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4 thoughts on “Some Say He’d Be One Hell of a Leader of the Free World…

  1. I have a confession.
    I’m the Stig.

  2. I think more people would vote if the election wasn’t shoved down their throats for 18 months before the election! By the time the election gets here everyone is so sick of it, half of us don’t even care anymore…

  3. At least your political candidates don’t all come across as slimy, used-car salesmen (no offense to the decent used-car salesmen out there). I almost wish Obama was running for election here.
    At least our politicians know better than to drag out the pre-election campaigning. Canadians are more than willing to get cream pies to throw in their faces 😛
    In fact almost every bakery I’ve been near has cream pies on sale.

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