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It’s a Girl?!

Wow…. is anyone else feeling a little broadsided, yet titillated?

Sarah Palin?  Did NOT see that one coming.  I strongly propose this song as her campaign/intro ditty:


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6 thoughts on “It’s a Girl?!

  1. Not impressed. She’s inexperienced and I think it’s a lame attempt by McCain to snatch up former Hilary supporters. And as one of those, I’m not buying what you’re selling old man!

  2. I also didn’t see that one coming. I thought he’d pick Romney, Ridge, or Pawlenty.
    What McCain has very effectively done once again is show us how out of touch he is. Just because he picks a woman, doesn’t mean women will switch their votes and vote for him.
    Obama is right: “He doesn’t get it.”

  3. That one was a shocker to me, too! I guess McCain is trying to get the women who would have voted for Hilary…
    As if I had any idea who I was going to vote for, now they’ve gone and made my head hurt! ACK!!!

  4. Sarah Palin = An act of desperation

  5. Sarah Palin = An act of desperation

  6. Sarah Palin = An act of desperation

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