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Hope is Like a Dashing Silver Q-tip

Dear William Jefferson,

I've been watching the party's convention on and off since it started, and I have only one thing to say:


You have managed to make some very bored-looking people look alive and vibrant and filled with more actual hope than ever. I don't think that even the Fourth of July brings out as much gushingly happy flag-waving as your presence alone just did. 

In some weird way, it makes one wonder: how many people in Denver are wishing tonight that third terms were allowed?

What is it about your soft Arkansas drawl, the twinkle in your eyes, and your easy gesturing that puts even your most fearsome enemies at ease?  What did you slip in the water, Slick Willie? 

I wish I knew what makes you you.  I wish I knew the secret of your charm.

And hell, I'm starting to wish for third terms too.

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4 thoughts on “Hope is Like a Dashing Silver Q-tip

  1. I should know better, but yeah, if he could run for a third term, he’d probably get my vote too.
    I think in some ways he took his wife’s not getting the nomination harder than she did, because he REALLY wants to go back, and that’s as close to a third term as he’d get.

  2. Did you notice that after Bill spoke, they played the song “Addicted to Love?”
    Just stumbled onto your blog – – an entertaining read.
    Mine is http://paw-pawpatch.blogspot.com/

  3. Cristina on said:

    He’s an INCREDIBLE public speaker, addressing any audience in exactly the right way, no matter who they are. He also posses EXTRAORDINARY personal charisma, the likes of which may only have been matched in recent times by Pope John Paul II.

  4. As an independent, I voted for Bill both times. He is very charismatic, and seemed to have the solutions to a lot of the problems we faced as a country. All the Monica stuff aside, I would vote Bill in for a third term as well. I think you get more done as a leader when you are a people person who can make other leaders feel comfortable and thus impact their thinking and actions in a substantial way. I see some similar qualities in Mr. Obama as well.

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