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Randomata: The “Lesson Learned” Edition

I just realized why my basil insisted on going to flower right away: I added the fertilizer for flowers and fruits.  That's a lesson I just learned today.

I also learned that you should be even more meticulous than you think you're already being with medical records.  You never know when you will need x-rays from five years in the past.

A lesson Monsieur Meow learned? Leaving bicycles unattended attracts the greedy and unscrupulous.

Also learned: it's a good idea to register your bike.  (I had no idea you could do this)

A heads-up for emergency services operators: When a person calls while in distress, you should try being a little less accusatory and defensive when asking for clarification.  One of us is having a major rush of adrenaline and I'm willing to bet money it's not you.

Dear DC, VA, MD DOTs: A "Yield" sign is inappropriate for merging into a highway, as a yield sign implies a stop when it's not your right of way.  This is the reason the "MERGE" sign was invented, so people can proceed with caution along the MERGING LANE without coming to a full stop.  A full stop that is happening, might I add, as one is ENTERING A HIGHWAY.  (Of course, having a merging lane that is longer than 100 feet would help here, but you know, I realize space is precious around here). 

Learned by Rev. Meow today: Check that your wallet is with you before you leave the house. 

Another good lesson: It's always a good idea to have a Costco card.  I know, it sounds bloated and consumerist, but it's easy to forget just how good the deals are over there.

A heads-up for customer service representatives: Your smile and warmth makes all the difference.  It really, really does, and we consumers thank you for it when you remember that.

And finally, it's easy to forget that PBS has wonderful shows, and not just for kids.

What did you learn today?

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