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It Was the Junior Mints, Wasn’t It?

Today marks a momentous day in the Meowhold: Herr Meow saw his first movie in a real theater today.

We were pretty nervous about taking a two-year old to the movies, even though we had Rev. Mom helping us out.  We’d heard all manner of terrifying stories from the well-intentioned about kids losing interest (and their scheiß, if you’ll pardon my German) 20 minutes into the movie, or crawling with abandon through the dark theater, or holding their ears in horror because the volume is too high, or simply screaming because the lights were out and they were afraid of the dark.

However, once we got to the theater and we all relaxed and despite the prices we broke down and bought popcorn and Cokes and Junior Mints (because what is a movie without these elements, I ask you?) and Herr Meow sat on my lap and we started to watch, it was a wonderful time.

I am honestly not sure if it was the movie (WALL-E, which was as awesome as everyone said it was), or the aura of a darkened theater, or if it had anything to do with the theater food –the salty popcorn and the soda and candy eaten with just a little bit of abandon– that made this experience one of the best times I’ve had in a movie theater ever since I can remember.  But this is a day I’ll always cherish and remember.

And if you haven’t, you should go see WALL-E.

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5 thoughts on “It Was the Junior Mints, Wasn’t It?

  1. Wow, that’s great. We haven’t tried that yet.
    We did attend one theater when Phoebe was about 1. It was one of those small theaters with screenings where babies were welcome. It worked moderately well, though I missed big sections of the movie due to diaper changing.
    I would like to see Wall-E. Maybe…
    (Also, nice incorporation of the food bits. Yum, junior mints.)

  2. Cristina on said:

    Congrats! You may not quite believe this now, but this is a real milestone.

  3. way to go, herr meow!

  4. /adds Wall-E to his Blockbuster list … and notes the look of surprise on Mme. Meow’s face 😛

  5. Isaiah was still in a carrier for his first movie… slept all through it! Since we almost never go to movies, I think he was 6 or 7 the next time we went.. and he’s 10 now and we haven’t been to another one.. lol
    We have two drive-ins within 60 miles of home, we’d like to take him to one of those before the summer is out!

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