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Yuccan Bet I Want Cassava

Let’s see..

We had tuna and veggie kebabs and rice for dinner (all hail, Whole Paycheck’s fish!).  I am tempted to use Herr-Meow-speak to refer to certain things– like rice is really “ricey-rice” and tuna is really “chicky” or “piggy-chicky”.

I suppose that as long as he actually eats what’s in front of him, does it really matter what we call it?  Does integrity in names really matter at age two-and-a-half?


I suppose I should also point out that I’m watching some Colombian soap opera on Telemundo.  I know, it’s yet another eye-roller, except that suddenly I have the saddest, most blatantly pathetic craving for yucca.  I don’t care what form it takes– I want yucca fries or maybe some thick stew with lots of yucca floating in it.

I want it so much right now that I am tempted to piss off my little helpful Typepad red-squiggle spellchecker and write out “yuca”, skipping that extra c that makes it seem weird and foreign and not just like, you know, yuca.


I’m off to watching some more cheeztasticness and dreaming of sancocho.  See you guys tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Yuccan Bet I Want Cassava

  1. Mmmmm yucca fries. That sounds fantastic right now.

  2. Sheesh – now I’m hungry!

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