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When I’m There, I’m Family– A Starving Family of Three

Today I was reading some oldish gossip item making fun of Jessica Simpson for going to the Olive Garden with her boyfriend, Tony Romo, and his family.  Apparently, the big punchline was that they actually made reservations to the place.

The thing that struck me was that some of the comments were not joining their voices in unison to make fun of J.Simp and her latest in her long series of faux pas, but instead were pledging their love and allegiance for the Olive Garden.

And you know what?
I love the Olive Garden too.

I wish I could mill about, telling you just how grateful I am that there is such a place where you can actually get a nice dish AND endless salad, breadstricks, or even soup, all for a reasonable price; and where things don’t have to be snooty and it feels a little like upscale cuisine with training wheels but in a good way. 

I wish I could expound on my love for the ‘Garden, and for its foofy drinks and for its waiters who will pour your wine glasses right to the rim– how can you NOT love that?–  and for its puzzlingly delicious braised short ribs, but I just can’t.

My eyes keep on trying to close on me.  Good night and happy Tom Cruise birthday to every boy and every girl.

Happy dreams of safe Italian dishes to all!

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5 thoughts on “When I’m There, I’m Family– A Starving Family of Three

  1. Woo Olive Garden. They MUST put crack in the breadsticks.

  2. I must admit that I love serious love for the Olive Garden. I’m not a big fan of their entrees, but I loooove the breadsticks and salad. There is some serious crack in those breadsticks!

  3. That was supposed to say I HAVE serious love. I must have been too distracted by the thought of those yummy breadsticks! 🙂

  4. The bread sticks are okay, but the Salad is great!

  5. anOCgirl on said:

    LUV the soup, salad and breadsticks. the breadsticks are the yummiest of all.
    but seriously, olive garden takes reservations? i had no idea!

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