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This is Your Brain on Hormones. Any Questions?

To say that I haven't felt like blogging lately is to say that Russia is kind of big.  But yes, I do have reasons:

  1. We've been roasting here in the Southeastern You-inted States for four days in a row– all in the upper 90s.  Now, I remember a while back I was complaining about 102 degrees in August and how it was a record-breaking temperature and I had a reader in Australia chide me about that being nothing, compared to Australian heat.  Yes, dear reader: that's because this is NOT Australia and temperatures over 100 degrees are highly unusual around these here parts.  If I were in California, I'd be complaining about someone spitting a little too forcefully and getting a rock wet, understand.
  2. I've been tired and distracted and stuff because,
  3. I'm pregnant.
  4. It's due in February– I'm just amazingly bad at keeping anything a secret.
  5. Also, Herr Meow had a very scary accident today.  He's okay, but I'm still traumatized.  More on that later.

Alrighty.  Um.  Enjoy the thunderstorm, those of you who get to live through it, and for the rest of you, enjoy your June 10/11 timeframe.  Whee.

Pee Ess: It's in awkward moments like these that I realize why it's important to have a catchy valediction or closing line to fall back on, such as, "I remain your ever faithful servant and admirer;" "Good night and good luck;"  or, you know, "Seacrest, out!"

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11 thoughts on “This is Your Brain on Hormones. Any Questions?

  1. Congratulations! (On the pregnancy bit. Not about the roasting hot temperatures.)
    And we’re getting the heat wave up here, too. It’s been in the 90s for days. In my bedroom. (Happily, we now have an air conditioner in there. Tonight I will sleep.

  2. Jenny on said:

    Congratulations!!!! 🙂

  3. So sorry about Herr Meow – I hope everything is okay.
    Congratulations on the pregnancy!

  4. Vixen on said:

    *big zen hugs* Congratulations!!! Another little Meow to conquer the world!
    Hope the scary accident was just scary and not too damaging. I know I thought I was going to have a heart attack the first time my daughter did something more than bruise herself. Luckily I’m the type of person who stays calm and focused during an emergency. Afterwards I fall apart.

  5. congrats on being preggers! also, i hope herr meow is ok. poor little baby…

  6. Congratulations! And hang in there on the heat wave. It’s been MUCH better today. Hope similar relief in your neck of the woods…

  7. cristina on said:

    So congrats! That’s terrific! I’m SO HAPPY for you! (on the pregnancy, not on Herr Meow’s accident, though I am glad he’s ok).

  8. Patrick on said:

    Verdad? Wow, that’s big news!! Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations! 🙂

  10. So, I’m new via NCLM, but I assume this is a new pregnancy announcement (since you can’t be very far along)? Congratulations! So glad I could visit today.

  11. Congratulations!!
    You know, there is something strange and wonderfully wistful about wishing congratulations to someone who’s expecting when you know you’re never going to receiving said congratulations again, yourself. A part of me is drenched in relief, thinking, “Thank God you, not me!” and the rest of me is trotting off down memory lane, kind of a rewind in smiles.
    I’m am going to be a grandma come September, so I’ll be on the best kind of diaper duty again: the ‘ewwww you’re stinky – where’s your mommy?’ kind! LOL At long last, the mommy being sought is not me! Whew!
    I hope the months between now and February are blissful and easy. My 2nd pregnancy was a complete breeze – I glowed then entire 40 weeks! I wish the same for you. 🙂

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