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Also, My Hair is Getting a Little Frizzy

I am overwhelmed.

For some reason, those words are not easy to dislodge from one's heart– they cling on stubbornly, as if prying them too forcefully might cause a violent rush of either blood or tears to gush and engulf everything.  And really, the overwhelm is a very manageable overwhelm, as far as overwhelms are concerned.  It's just so hard to accept the condition and move on.

So, why am I overwhelmed, you may wonder.  Maybe you're even rolling your eyes a little and calling me a weenie or some such.  That's okay: I kind of am.

I am overwhelmed because,

  1.  I am a single mother for the week (with a champagne toast to my good friend who does this EXTREMELY HARD DUAL ROLE THING every day of her life).
  2. I am still really sad over the death of Yves Saint Laurent: he and his brand were such icons throughout my entire life.  I know that sounds selfish because after all it's a life of a person who's passed on and here I am blabbing about me and my recollections of what has always meant to be well-dressed.  However, I think it's still somewhat meaningful: he was an iconoclast who decreed it was okay for women to wear pants and look fabulous while doing it.  As a woman born in the 70s, I've never had to confront the static and reproach of wearing pants and all the other little ways in which women and men have kept women passive-aggressively dominated for ages.
  3. Which leads me into overwhelm #3: I read a novel from the early 1970s about a woman who struggles with the unhappiness she feels trying to be a liberated woman while quite obviously not grasping the full idea of what liberation means to her, and I'm all up in arms feeling the women's lib pain.  Why couldn't Hillary be a better candidate so I could proudly vote for the first woman in office?  Raaargh! (and sorry fellow sisters who support Hillary)
  4. Also, Herr Meow had a really hard time going to sleep tonight. 
  5. And he has way too many toys– I spent the better part of the afternoon rearranging train tracks.
  6. And I'm starting to realize that shopping for clothes does not hold the same thrill it has before.
  7. Partly because it's more fun to shop for kids' things and for home goods– lots and lots of delightful house goods.  Naughty, I know.  And oh-so-predictable.
  8. I really need to get a handle on my gardening clutter too.  And my craftling clutter, which is woefully out of hand.  And you should see our garage.
  9. I hate my husband's motorcycle with a deep and abiding passion.   There Internets: now you know. (eta: hate is too strong.  I do like it but I resent it.  AND IT TAKES UP TOO MUCH DAMN SPACE!)
  10. And finally –for now– I gotta say that keeping up with NaComLeavMo is getting to me too.  There are way too many blogs to read and the pressure of reading new blogs plus my steady list is getting to be too much to bear: I want to leave nice insightful comments that don't just sound like I skimmed the entry and thought of a platitude to say.  So I think that I have to bow out, for my own sanity.  I thank you if you're coming through NaCom and I will do my best to visit all the bloggers who stop here directed through the blogroll, but I must needs take a sanity break (I told you I was kind of a weenie).

So there you have it: I have cracked like a fresh egg.  I just hope I don't smell too bad and that you can scoop me up and use me in an omelette or something. 

Toodles, dear Internets! 

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8 thoughts on “Also, My Hair is Getting a Little Frizzy

  1. hi
    I’m here from NaComLeavCom
    take a break …in the scheme of things – it isn’t a biggie.
    I knew the NCLM was going to no easy task – I just managing but not keeping up with my emails and regular reads too.
    I won’t be an iron commenter – how could anyone – I hate Irons too !
    I hope the rest of the week is better.
    My Little Drummer boys
    warm regards

  2. Hey, it’s alright. No worries…lol you are one of my regular reads, so pbbth!
    NCLM has been rather daunting, and I’ve been trying to keep up with new blogs, but I have since added like twelve NCLM blogs on my RSS, so I don’t feel TOO bad if I don’t get a chance to visit Mel’s place.
    don’t worry, take a break! Enjoy your time!

  3. Sounds like you’re having one of those weeks!
    Don’t panic about NCLM – we all understand how you feel! I do have it fairly easy myself as I don’t have children and am having fun with all this commenting so I can keep going.
    But, as I am sure that Mel will tell, it is meant to be fun, so if it gets to be not fun then don’t stress yourself out in doing it!

  4. oh, hun, don’t worry. everything’s going to be ok. sounds like you’ve got lots on your plate (or in your head). if it makes you feel any better, if i had experienced #6 alone, I would have fallen into a long, deep depression.

  5. Portia P on said:

    here via nacomleavmo.
    i totally get the nclm stress. I find it really hard to get through. Some days – when i’ve less to do – it’s ok, but mostly it’s a bit of a chore. I’m trying to fit it in now before making supper and i’ve starving!!
    Also share your YSL thing. He was an icon and it makes me sad that that generation of amazing designers will be gone some day soon

  6. Vixen on said:

    *grins sympathetically* When you can list 10 things you are overwhelmed by, then you are truly overwhelmed.
    We kept the toys under control by going through them every year and getting rid of any that were broken or had too many lost pieces (puzzles and games as she grew older) as well as any she had outgrown. The ones she had outgrown we usually donated and she liked helping us pick what we were going to donate as she grew up. In this way she learned how to share with people she didn’t know. We also had a limit on how many toys she could keep at any time so that helped prevent the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and doting parents from spoiling her with toys.
    Although one of my favorite stories deals with buying toys when I hadn’t planned on it 🙂
    I look at a lot of the modern fashions and shudder because I grew up with St. Laurent being one of the three top designers that I watched. So a lot of my taste in clothes runs towards the classic look. Which makes clothes shopping difficult at times.
    Take it easy and don’t let things overwhelm you too much.

  7. Going for NCLM Iron Commenter is seriously overwhelming with there being so many blogs.
    If there’s one thing of that list you can get let go f, NCLM is definitely it.
    Now about your husbands motorcycle on the other hand…

  8. I’ve been having one of those weeks for two weeks now… but it’s getting better, my internet is finally fixed – that’s a good thing… Now if I could get even a hint of “give-a-damn” about anything else… *sigh* Everyone tells us it’s because we haven’t left town for a weekend or even a night since the tornado… they think we need a vacation… maybe we should ask “them” to pay for it…lol

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