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There is no Such Thing as Old Age: There is Only Ditziness (and Booze)

Sometimes it's no fun being the adult.  Today I was feeling particularly dragged-down and awful in the early afternoon.  It all started right after saying goodbye to a good friend with whom we had a lovely lunch: suddenly the pressure dropped and the humidity reeeeeally set in, as if to say, "Why by Jove!  This is the SOUTHEASTERN United States!"

Herr Meow, who seemed oh-so-sleepy earlier in the day, was the embodiment of the chatty life of the party as we lurched forward toward Capitol Hill.  Placing him in his stroller and going for a walk only wore me down even more –damn you, cute strappy J. Crew flip-flops that offer no support whatsoever despite looking pretty cute and highlighting my orangey-red nailpolish!

Going to the park and having him play and walk around offered no relief either.  And then I started to doze off on one of the park's benches.

May I repeat that?  I.  Dozing off.  Benches.  Two-ish p.m.

I suddenly felt old and aggrieved by allergies and the complaints of those who can't even hold their own when the weather turns the least bit muggy and unfavorable.  I schlepped the kid home and forced us to have a nap. Meanwhile in my mind I kept pouting/thinking, "Why do I feel so awful and sick? Booohoooo!"


When Monsieur Meow arrived, complaining about the greater heat and humidity today, he also said something along the lines of, "…and of course, the hangover."

I stopped in my tracks.  OF COURSE, THE HANGOVER!!!!

I am not a dowdy, mumsy, boring person who gets sick in the heat and humidity after all!  I am a sometimes-dowdy, preternaturally-mumsy and 50/50 boring person who happened to drink sangría like it was her job last night.

Let me tell you: I have never felt so good about realizing I was fighting some major ethyl alcohol poisoning.

Maybe I'll drink to that, when I feel a little less bleary.

Pee Ess: Sorry, Edith Wharton.

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12 thoughts on “There is no Such Thing as Old Age: There is Only Ditziness (and Booze)

  1. No worries! I feel terrible when there are extreme weather change. Doesn’t mean I’m old… just Canadian I guess.
    But in your case, yeah, it was the sangria. 99% sure 😉

  2. That’s hilarious! Is forgetting you are hungover a symptom of being hungover?

  3. “Hum…” How can one not KNOW that they have a hangover? But that is a funny story!!!

  4. Chuckle. Usually, the overpowering desire to chugalug 5 pints of water acts as a nudge to a fogged and confused memory!

  5. lol… Bet that was the first time you were happy to realize you had a hangover!

  6. A few months ago, I had a fair amount to drink at a wedding- enough to have a good time, but not enough to have me hung over. I was so confused the next day when I felt miserably hung over… I didn’t understand how I had had that much to drink! As it turned out, I actually had the flu. Cheers to you! (Visiting through NCLM).

  7. Thanks for stopping by on NCLM. Hangovers – can’t live with them, and can’t even remember how you got them.
    I reckon the nap thing would have improved things. Works for the very young, very old and the very confused.

  8. O, right! The hangover!
    Reminds me of my days living in London..woke up one morning after a late night, got to bed in the early morning hours and had to get up…in the early morning hours…so I woke up and thought…hmmm…I’m really starting to take my booze quite well…heck, one of these days I’ll drink these englishmen under the table…needless to say, may assumptions were a little premature…at 11am I discovered I went to work drunk!

  9. You captured last Saturday morning’s children’s dance class (followed by 2 year old birthday party) for me. Age+kids+alcohol is a terrible mix.

  10. ~LOL~ I was about to commiserate with wanting to doze off in the heat of the afternoon at a park WHILE the kid is playing and I’m SUPPOSED to be watching him oh so closely … then I got to the hangover part and I just had to laugh. Been there, done that!
    (Hi! from NaComLeavMo)

  11. Oh, yeah. That’ll do it.

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