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Wherein the Past is Relied Heavily Upon

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  Originally uploaded by Madame Meow

You may be wondering why I’m using this picture today.

I’ll tell you:  because it’s pretty.  And because that day was cold.  And today it is almost as cold as that day.

The basil that is outside must be cursing me.  The tomatoes are mad at me, too.  I want spring.  We all want spring.

And when we get it and it’s warm and sweaty and then it’s summer and the mosquitoes are in full swing and everything is moist and uncomfortable, this picture will remind me of what was.  What might be. What is to come in a few more months, if we’re all patient.

Bundle up tonight; live it up tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Wherein the Past is Relied Heavily Upon

  1. That’s pretty profound!
    This is the first year in several, that Germany has had a nice spring, so I know what you mean!

  2. i want spring too! summer can wait.

  3. I want spring too. I want summer as well!

  4. Sorry about that, I think we stole your spring over there. We will give it back once we recover of months of snow (i.e within a few months).

  5. Personally I don’t know why people like spring. It’s hot one day, cold the next, and here in tornado alley, it’s ALWAYS stormy! It’s been one year, 9 days since the tornado that leveled our town…
    I’m ready for the Southwest Kansas 105 in the shade summer!! Bring it on!!

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