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All Things Seem Possible in May (Even a Little Rest)

Now that there is no NaBloPoMo for me, I am feeling a little naked and more than a bit aimless.  It’s nice to have one’s work cut out for one: much like wearing an uniform, somehow the identity takes a backseat and the mentality shifts into other pursuits.

I do realize that NaBloPoMo continues in May– the theme this month is Voices, if any of you fellow bloggers are so inclined (and I also realize some of you brave and prolific souls do Blog365, which sounds like a great project as well).  But thirty days in a row is a fine endeavor as far as I’m concerned.  I feel accomplished and I need a little rest– a longish weekend.

Also, I imagine some of you also need a break of my daily blogging, right?  You’ve stuck it out for thirty days– I think you need to chill out, put up your feet, and use the time you’ve dedicated to reading my humble little musings to drink up whatever you want.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo I’d highly recommend a Margarita, but you can pick whatever you want whether alcoholic or not.

Cheers to you all and I’ll see you back here on May 5th or 6th!

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8 thoughts on “All Things Seem Possible in May (Even a Little Rest)

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love reading you every day.. 🙂
    CNN called again… they want MORE from me, and are doing a live interview this morning, incorporating the taped footage, and it should be on between 10 am and noon Central Time, if you’re around a TV… lol

  2. I did the ‘blog every day for a month’ thing, and it was fun, and a big headache, and it got to be a chore … and I really hate chores! So, no thanks, I’ll just keep reading you instead. 😛
    Ooh, Cinco de Mayo … an excuse to partake of many beers. I have my own personal reason for drinking on Cinco de Mayo … because I find it impossible to say ‘diez y siete de Septiembre’ when I’m plastered.

  3. Vixen on said:

    I love reading your bloq. You’re one of my sites that I check daily. However I also know it’s hard to think up something to write every day. I’m guilty of not updating my LJ very often. So take your well-deserved rest and we’ll see you when you bloq again.

  4. No tequila thanks. It makes me do very bad things.
    I can’t even manage to blog twice a week, so kudos.

  5. Well, I’m sorry that you’re not going to do the NaBloPoMo this month. I’ll check back from time to time!

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your NaBloPoMo.
    Definitely doing margaritas for Cinco de Mayo.

  7. I think I read the whole series and I truly enjoyed it. Wow, lots of imagination, I don’t think I would have be able to 1) stick to it 2) make it enjoyable for the readers!
    You accomplished both. Can I call you master from now on? lol

  8. I’m in awe, and agree with Zhu. You did both, and for that we thank you. 🙂

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