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“K” is for Koi, Kissy

  Originally uploaded by Madame Meow

I am pretty sure I’ve blogged about magical places before; but if I haven’t, here is one: the National Arboretum.

In this beautiful space –446 acres of peaceful, undisturbed flora and urban fauna– you can completely forget that a stinky and smoggy city lies just beneath the gates.  It was established in 1927 by an act of Congress, and it’s been going strong, adding plants and educating the public about new and existing species.

And it’s peaceful.  Did I mention peaceful?  Because it is. 

And, then, there are the koi.


Koi, or carp, are fish very closely related to your common dime-a-dozen-or-I-guess-not-anymore goldfish.

And there is a whole pondful of koi at the pond by the welcome center of the Arboretum, where children old and young go crazy looking at the antics of these huge, freaky, funny fish.

They jump.  They talk.  They blow bubbles.

And every once in a while, they blow kissies (after all, Koi can also mean love).  And if you’re quick with the draw, you can catch a koi kissy.

And if you’re exceptionally nerdy or kooky, you can blog about it and share it with the blogosphere.


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10 thoughts on ““K” is for Koi, Kissy

  1. OMG! They’re awesome … now I have to go! Maybe next weekend … I should have my new camera then. 😀

  2. anOCgirl on said:

    i love koi. i had no idea the arboretum has some. kinda makes me want to go there now.

  3. Some of the old Chinese restaurants here in NYC keep a big tank with koi.
    They swim right up to the glass for a chat.

  4. I made it to D.C. where it was one hundred billion degrees in the shade and after a morning at the air and space museum, we blew off sight-seeing and found a public pool over in Georgetown and spent the afternoon swimming. 🙂
    Next time I’m there I will A) not go in the summer, and B) definately go see the koi.
    Thanks for the tip.

  5. Sounds like fun!
    Also, after reading your post I ventured over to YouTube to look for Koi antics and found this clip of a baby duck feeding the fish.

    So cute. 🙂

  6. There’s a furniture store around here that has a koi pond right in the middle of it, and I love watching them. Strange reason to go in a furniture store, I know. 😉 That’s a great shot you got!

  7. Did you know that there are tattoo artists who specialize in Koi images?

  8. Did you know that there are tattoo artists who specialize in Koi images?

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