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“I” is for Inverse Birthday

Today is April 9th or 9 April or however you want to call it.

But for some obscure reason, to some weird people, it could also be September 4th or 4 September (but… not really).

Think about it: if you use the more world-accepted date-month-year format, then today is 09-04-2008.

But if you show that to most Americans, who are used to dealing with the month-date-year format, they would all agree that when you write out 09-04-2008, you’re actually talking about September.  Fourth.  NOT APRIL.

Something to this effect is why in my old school back in Colombia they kept confusing me and another student– he was born today, April 9th, and I, of course, was born in September.

Yes, he.  They routinely confused me with a stinky boy. 

Okay, he wasn’t stinky– he was actually really nice and I hope he’s having a good 32nd birthday wherever he may be.  But I’m glad that I’m no longer getting his grade report (though he was a good student).

But so today is my Inverse Birthday, and I’m leaving it at that.

Good night, all!

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3 thoughts on ““I” is for Inverse Birthday

  1. Anita on said:

    Happy Inverse Birthday! HEY!!! Can we get presents for that?!?
    Oh wait. 16-2 isn’t a month. Dang.

  2. Happy Inverse Birthday! What is it with Americans and switching things around or renaming them or whatever anyway? Dates, measurements, football…uh, I mean soccer…no wonder everyone else thinks we have a superiority complex! šŸ˜‰

  3. Inverse birthday – you’re supposed to give US presents. šŸ˜›

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