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Worrying About What You Cannot Help

This is not my official start to NaBloPoMo, but it was necessary to share.

Because today is April Fools day and therefore Google always does a great April fools joke.  Or well, at least *I* think it’s a great joke; but bear in mind that I also laugh at a good retelling of that joke whose punchline is "Orange you glad I didn’t say ‘banana’?"

Heh.  There I go chuckling.

But Google!  April Fool!

Here is the one on the Google homepage: Virgle

And! This year, Gmail users also get a pretty clever joke of their own: Google custom time (a link on your upper hand side navigation when you’re checking your Gmail).

Yes.  Happy April Fool, everyone.

(and happy birthday, Mousers!)


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One thought on “Worrying About What You Cannot Help

  1. love the google april tomFOOLery! look forward to it every year. i actually kinda like the concept of changing the time on your emails. but alas, it is simply a joke!

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