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I Mean, No One Is Going to Eat Your Eyes (If You Don’t Do This Meme)

I have Re: Your Brains stuck in my head.  Do I think you should listen to it?  Damn straight, Skippy.  I feel like a total poseur even bringing it up, except that I just love this song.  This guy is talented, I tell you.  Doubt me?  Listen to this one.  You will agree.

Oh yeah, and I’m far too excited about the Facebook Zombies application to pretend I’m cool.  (Zombie mogul!!!!11!!  W00t.)


And so, to push the internet kitsch further into overdrive, here is an ancient Four Things meme that I’m sure has traveled the interwebs far and wide– I swore I’d already completed it, but I guess I didn’t.  However, this time it was one of my dear in-laws (or should I say, in-Meows?  Hi there!) who tagged me, so it must needs be done.  If you would like to play along, please do:

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1. Assistant stage manager.  Remove the"-istant stage manager" part and you’ll see what I thought of that job.
  2. Gift-wrapping at a department store.  It was mostly fun, but it sucked at Christmastime.
  3. Camp counselor.  Mostly fun, except when it wasn’t.  And when it wasn’t it really sucked.
  4. High school teacher.  Best and worst job ever.

Four places I have lived:

  1. Bogota, Colombia, South America.  For some reason, that feels like it happened in a parallel universe.
  2. Monterey, California.  Fun, cute, quaint, but way too quiet.
  3. Honolulu, Hawaii.  Really quite beautiful, but now I completely understand the meaning of the term "island fever".  Also, "totally overrated, unless you’re visiting" comes to mind.  However we’ve been reminiscing about it through "Magnum P.I."– thank you, Netflix.
  4. Washington D.C.– gorgeous in spring, thank you!

Four other places I have been:

  1. The Panama canal– pretty cool, really.  It was raining upwards that day– very odd.
  2. At the top of the Empire State Building.  I know– not too exciting.
  3. Near one of Pablo Escobar’s many houses.  I got to see the very high fence.  Woo.
  4. Here, and a mile to the north-northwest of there, off-roading.  And yes, it is really THAT romantic.

Four places I’d rather be right now

  1. Twenty to thirty minutes in the future, when my roasted chicken is actually completely cooked and we’re eating.
  2. Carmel beach, walking barefoot.
  3. Café Laufer –one of the things I truly and deeply miss about Hawaii– eating some Mulligatawny soup and eyeing the Charlotte Russe (the pastry, not the cheap store).
  4. In bed, sleeping.

Four friends or relatives I think will respond:

It’s okay– no pressure.  If you’ve already done this, feel free to point me to that entry (if it’s not too much work).  If you haven’t, please proceed!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “I Mean, No One Is Going to Eat Your Eyes (If You Don’t Do This Meme)

  1. Gaaah! I haven’t done the LAST meme yet! OK, consider me “on the stick.”

  2. Ok. I’m one of those bloggers who actually LIKES doing memes, but I’ll have to sit this one out… I’ve never lived outside of the state of Kansas, and I’ve never been anywhere exciting…
    I went to Nashville once, the car broke down, we spent 5 hours in a sandwich shop, and when the car was fixed drove away… never saw a damn thing.
    That’s the way my life goes.

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