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Chips Falling Where They Ought (In The Potty)

I hope Poop Week’s done.
Bowel contents= My Viet-Nam.
I am jejune (um).

Please enjoy my, er, jejune, offering to Haiku Friday

When people talk about potty training, they just don’t tell you, do they?

They don’t tell you that the world as you knew it– secretion-free, precise, persnickety and devoid of staring into others’ anuses– would seem like nothing but a distant memory.

They also don’t tell you that suddenly it’s cool to brag about poop and potties.

And furthermost (if there is such a word) they do not tell you the sense of accomplishment that comes when you are shepherding a little independent monster through the valley of Poop.  If you do it right –and I hope I’m doing it right– they will hopefully fear no evil.


Happy weekend, Internets!

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7 thoughts on “Chips Falling Where They Ought (In The Potty)

  1. See, I’m kind of dreading the day my son learns to use the potty. With the (evil – I know) disposable diapers I can whisk the poop away with the minimum amount of visual (or tactile) contact! Not so when it comes to dumping the potty contents, which may or may not be in the actual potty 🙂
    Good luck with the potty training!

  2. I have a friend with a 2.5 year old who is making things difficult. If you find success in a week, kindly share your secret so I can forward it to her, before she pulls out all her hair? 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m almost there. My son will be three in 30 days…and he will not go near the potty. What did you do to get success??

  4. Seems like it’s sort of one of those things that if they do tell us, we think “Oh, I’m not going to have that much of a problem with it!” lol

  5. My friends are staring to have kids and it’s always funny to hear a bunch of grown-ups at dinner arguing about which kid poop best! lol

  6. I fear the evil…

  7. I fear the evil…

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