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“Dromedary Day” Sounded Too Snooty

Several things:

1. If people hit you up for money on the street, even if they are very nice, RUN. 

2. I crafted!  Here’s a prettyish view:


Sharks’ teeth look nicer when you can actually SEE them.

3. It’s colder today.  Boo-hiss.

4. Thank you to V at the Sarcasm Society for linking to this blog under their Sarcastic Fantastic section!  I am flattered (and that is not sarcastic at all).

5. I am seriously getting tired of everything being made in China.  I keep telling myself that I will not buy it unless it’s NOT made in China.  But then, I wouldn’t be able to buy much at all.

6. Not buying makes me very cranky.

7. Crankiness leads to overindulging.

8. Overindulging leads to depression.

9. Which, invariably, leads to crankiness.

10.  Vicious cycles are bad.

11. Crafting is good.  Unless you have to do it with things from China.

12. Which is why this product, despite its million warnings, made me smile:


Made with pride in the USA.  Will kill you if inhaled.   Ain’t it a beaut?

Solider on, loveys.

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3 thoughts on ““Dromedary Day” Sounded Too Snooty

  1. I LOVE IT! What a lovely collection! And yes, shark’s teeth are much nicer when you can see them … unless, of course, they’re still in the shark. Oooh, and I sound like SUCH a wussy-boy, but I do love mother-of-pearl. Beautiful stuff.
    I’ve been boycotting China for a while now. Yes, it makes things very difficult. I’ll take the ‘made in USA’ option every time, however.

  2. Those are some fine sharks teeth, indeed. And congrats on getting noticed for your own biting wit!

  3. I remember when I was little, someone gave me a shark’s tooth, and oh, I was something then! A shark’s tooth in Kansas is a rare treasure – especially for a child!
    I like your display!

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