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In Like a (Very Busy) Lion

Today I start my 101 in 1001 project.  The one I blogged about, about two months ago.

You know, the one I said I'd start on February first?  Yeah, that one.  How was I supposed to know that we'd be traveling and I wouldn't really feel compelled to put a list together until now anyway, huh?

Right, right: the whole "you made up your own deadline" reason comes forth.  But anyway, here is March and here is my list.  I haven't fully given much thought as to how I'm going to do all these items, but I think that at least 99% are extremely doable.  But without further ado –and because I actually want to post this list for the 101 in 1001 site to see– here is my list:

1. Submit something to The Sun.
2. Finish the Japanese quilt (two blocks left, baby!).
3. Piece quilt and baste it and all that stuff.
4. QUILT IT!  (mark it, etc.)
5. Start sashiko embroidery.  Started!  If you want to learn more about sashiko, click here and here!
6. Actually finish the sashiko embroidery. Finally done on 5/6/08.  Next time, it will not take two months.
7. Frame it.
8. Finish scarf (ideally while it's still cold)
9. Finish baby hat– even if it ends up as hat for sock monkey.
10. Make the other sock monkey.
11. Fix the arm on the finished sock monkey.
12. Work those embarrassing ends on the granny square blankie.
13. Take a class in digital photography.
14. Take a class at the Botanic Garden.
15. Take a class at the Arboretum.
16. Schedule and attend a midnight walk at the Arboretum.
17. Buy plants/planters/support for this growing season and care for the garden in a responsible manner. (so far have most planters and little seedlings going!  now, for a lilac bush! fwaah!)
18. Caulk/grout the shower again.
19. Paint the rooms that need painting. Thank you, sweet Monsieur Meow!
20. Make a crafting station that is comfortable and practical.
21. Join Freecycle (or at least try again and hope they don't turn me down this time)
22. Make good use of both Freecycle, Craigslist and other places where things don't have to end up in the dump. (so far, scored vintage sewing machine from CL!)
23. Put all sentimentality aside and pare down on baby things.
24. Go for child #2. (realize this is ironic in light of #23, but oh well)
25. Develop even the teensiest of yoga routines, to be done daily. (even five minutes daily feel incredible!  Have been doing at least two poses every day for one week, and counting!!!)
26. Learn more about plants in general (maybe do more with 14 and 15).
27. Edit novel.
28. Submit something to The New Yorker (even if just for shits and giggles).
29. At least give serious thought (a try?) to start homeschooling the baby. I did.
30. Learn to sew.
31. Learn to knit.
32. Learn to play the drums.
33. Learn to play the harmonica.
34. Really learn to read music competently this time.
35. Go on a cross-country trip across the continent.
36. Try capoeira or at least be in its presence live (I know… not one of my saner moments)
37. Get necessary elements for the terraria (order plants, figure out light requirements, bla)
38. Actually assemble terraria (all three of them, yes– must not cross off until all are done) (as of today, 3/1, one is almost done!) (3/15, One done, have half of items for two others)(4/25, two done!)(5/01– bought Venus Flytrap and done!)
39. Throw a just-for-fun party. Half-birthday party for Herr Meow– WAS fun!
40. Attempt to enjoy the throwing of a party.
41. Get experience helping other women with lactation, so that… I've helped more than my share.  Don't think item #42 is something I want to pursue anymore.
42. I can eventually become a certified lactation consultant (this is iffy to be possible in two years and change)
43. Get better at sending thank-you cards and birthday cards!  Jeez! (actually have made point of it prior to starting! yay me!)
44. Join a local dairy or grass-fed group
45. Make a point of eating less meat, less additives, less unnatural
46. Practice recipes from recipe books and become sufficiently adept that the recipe is committed to memory.
47. Visit a museum once a month.  Every month, twerp.
Actually change the baking soda in the fridge every three months and
clean the thing better than just a surface wipe when I do.
Thanks Rev. Mom!
49. Submit a story to the Washington Post short story contest.
50. Submit an entry to the Style invitational.
51. See the New England fall color at least once.
52. Meet more of my blog friends in person.
53. Ride the carousel at Rehoboth Beach. (is there a roller coaster there?)  (while we're at it, I want to go to more boardwalky towns)(I love boardwalks)
54. Get better at golfing.
55. Actually drive a ball past 110 yds. (don't. even. say. it.)
Golf in a famous and beautiful course at least once. (driving range
practice counts– I know this is probably cheating but I don't care
because tee times can be expensive AND horribly booked up).
57. Bake the cookie of the month at least once. Baked the cookie of the month of June '09 (Strawberry shortcake cookie) with handpicked strawberries.  YUM!
58. Bake cookies randomly for someone nice.
59. Bake cookies randomly for someone who does not top my list of nice.
60. Go to a Redskins game (or other professional football team, if not possible to get Skins tix.).
61. Go to a Capitals game (or other professional hockey team, if not possible to get Caps tix).
62. Get to know the neighbors better.
63. Go to a show at the 930 club. Saw CAKE on 5/30/09
64. Go to a show at the Bohemian Caverns.
65. Go to a show at the Verizon Center Circus on 3/21/10
66. Go to a show at the Kennedy Center
67. Go to more than one show at the Kennedy Center.
68.  Attempt ice skating at the Sculpture Garden (hopefully while keeping limbs intact).
69.  Find the perfect lamp or fan/lamp for our bedroom.
70. Use reusable bags (at least one!) on every grocery shopping trip.(so far, so good)
71. Get Photoshop.
72. Learn how to use it. Striking through 71 and 72 because I've had an epiphany in which Photoshop is not the end-all be-all of existence.  Plus, I figured out how to use iPhoto tools, which may be less flashy but are pretty good for natural touch-ups and correction.
73. Get nice tea towel cloth (ideally when other projects have been crossed off the list).(so much for that)
74. Embroider seven towels with whimsical kitty motif.  Use them and enjoy them.
75 Learn how to make Bananas FosterSlice bananas.  Dredge in sugar.  Douse in rum.  Set aflame.  Not sure why this was a goal, but oh well.  Eat it more often and be merry.(there's a recipe for it in the Williams-Sonoma catalog!  Glee!  Now all I need is balls to execute the recipe.  Balls, and rum)
76. Buy an incredibly nice purse and use it.
77. Attempt snowboarding while keeping tailbone (and limbs) intact.
78. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony.
79. Learn more about teas, proper tea etiquette, utensils, pouring. I'm just wrapping this one up as-is.
80. Grow own tea.
81. Join a "friends of" organization.
82. Volunteer for the Arboretum at least once.
83. Volunteer for the Botanic Garden at least once.
84. Sometime in these next two years, be able to look good in a bikini.
85. Actually have the courage to wear said bikini in public.
86. Go to the Alliance Française and do something "Frenchy"
87. While we're at it, practice French (both oral and written).
88. …. without being afraid of making a mistake in conversation, but just going for it and getting better.
89. Take a class at the Joy of Motion.
90. Take a Flamenco class again.
Learn to drive stick (again) (and, properly) (not sure how feasible
this is, since we have an automatic, but surely there will be a way in
the next two years).
92. Really go all out and seriously dress UP for Halloween, preferably as a theme.
Make at least ONE dish with tofu that is so incredibly delicious that
it just makes me want to make it over and over again and add it to my
"meal canon". 
Who knew that all it really needed was a little marinating?  Seriously– just make a stir fry!  Use extra firm tofu and make sure to soak it in soy sauce before you cook it.  ACTUALLY delicious!
94. Do old-fashioned snail mail correspondence at
least once every two months but might upgrade to once a month if the
delight of doing this is supremely rewarding and overwhelming.
(doing well here so far!)
Go to Williamsburg and Jamestown and Charlottesville and relatively
local sites of interest, such as Mount Vernon … should these all be
separate entries?  (no– only check off when all in item have been
96. Write a fan letter to Mary Karr.
97. Make sure to register to vote in DC for the upcoming election.
98. Ride horses in Rock Creek park.
99. Visit a friend far away (open-ended).
100. Finish up the pay-it-forward sending (I know– I'm embarrassed). Almost there!
101. Execute my super-duper idea for a children's book.

So there it is.  If you can help me cross an item off my list or have a suggestion, I entreat you to comment or email me, please!  This is a very exciting thing for me– especially because Monsieur Meow will also be joining me with a list of his own!

Happy March once again, y'all!

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8 thoughts on “In Like a (Very Busy) Lion

  1. Hmmm, I suppose I should start my list as well. For now number one on my list is: start a list. 🙂

  2. What a great list. I’d say that nearly everything on there is quite easily doable.
    I need to free up my old blog so that I can at least get access to my 101 list. I know that I’ve done somethings on there.

  3. Oohh! A lilac bush! I’m so jealous! Good job on your list! 🙂

  4. Quite the respectable and diverse list, there, woman! Might have to consider coming up with one of my own….

  5. You know, I cannot promise myself to do much of anything over a weekend, let alone over the course of a couple of years. Short of marriage (I need a victim), writing my book and getting in shape, all other things are up for a swift “fack that” on any given morning. Ahh, the freedom!

  6. Vixen on said:

    I volunteer to help you with #94!! I love writing letters but most of my friends prefer email and IM.
    There’s just something special about holding a hand-written letter you can read anyplace at any time.
    And I assume #84 is supposed to be “look good” ? *grins*

  7. I’d LOVE to take a digital photography class…
    I taught myself to knit using the easy lessons at The Yarn Co.
    You have some fabulous stuff on this list… makes me feel a bit lazy…

  8. That is a great list. Good luck working on it. Thanks for dropping by!

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