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All Done!

  All Done! 
  Originally uploaded by Madame Meow

Yes.  Those are my food discards, gentle readers.  They are all the evidence that’s left in the world of one of the best dim sum lunches ever, and they also signify something a little more momentous.

Vacay is over.

Back to the Dee Cee.  Back to daily life, and to daily zen. 

And goodbye to California and to eating out every day and to family and friends back there.   

One of the most unsettling things about travel is its inherent inability to simultaneously make you long so much for things you don’t get in your daily life, and also of making you long so much for your boring tedium-filled and crispy-shelled milquetoasty life.

Mmm.  Toast.

So yes.  Vive les vacances.  Les vacances sont mortes.

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4 thoughts on “All Done!

  1. Gaa! I forgot you were way over there!

  2. I hope the holidays didn’t suffer too much when they died!
    I haven’t had a proper dim sum breakfast since I left HK. That’s like 7 years ago. It was the only thing I could eat there! Never been a huge fan of pig feet and pork intestines…

  3. awww…cali. i was just there last weekend and i already miss it.

  4. Glad you’re back safely!
    Now… about that coffee.

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