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Metaphor Cocktails: Only as Good as The Alcohol You Use

It’s seldom that there is a perfect storm of so many things happening in the zeitgeist, is there?

Today is Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, if you so desire) and across the nation millions are getting drunk and exploring the side of themselves that wants to participate on a "Girls Gone Wild" video.  Hint: it’s the boobs.

It’s also Super Tuesday, which is pretty exciting even if you’re a total moron who’s forfeited her own right to vote on this momentous occasion.

Of course, I do wonder if there are millions of possibly topless and drunk people aimlessly voting for Ron Paul out there and/or doing us all proud, by exercising both their right to vote and party all in one glorious and alcohol-soaked golden day for democracy, but I highly doubt it.

To top it all off, this week is the beginning of the Lunar year of the Rat (it begins on the 7th) and so there is all that delicious red-papered kookyness fluttering around and making us feel glad and hungry for red bean paste dumplings.  Or, well, making ME hungry for red bean paste dumplings.  And really good dim sum, like the one I had yesterday at Yank Sing— and oh, people, if you live long enough to make it to San Francisco and eat there, it’s like you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven.  The AMAZING food comes to you!  The extremely nice servers ask you over and over and over and over and OVER! and over again if you’d like some of this or some of that or some more of this and…. *sigh*. 

Never have I been so lovingly attacked by food, and I loved every moment of it.



But so okay…. the seventh is Rat-year, and it also happens to be a very special day in the Meowhold (read: anniversary).  And then a week after that it’s the most beloved and dreaded day of the year, which would be Valentine’s Day.

It’s almost too much, too soon, you know?  The year is still young but this week feels like a celebration best reserved for when the year is older and more tired –a bit of energy reserves to jolt us all back into a better and more jovial mood and to beat the blues.

But here we are, drinking and eating pancakes where applicable and being merry and sitting, eyes glued to the nifty graphics that have delightful little numbers that in the long run mean nothing.

Someone just said that they voted for Ron Paul because they wanted a charismatic leader.  This makes me wonder if there is more to that squeaky little voice than I previously thought.  Or maybe it’s just confirmation that there are, in fact, drunken and possibly topless people voting out there.  God bless ’em all.

And here we sit, another year coming and going (a rat year no less!  Busy and purposeful!  Squee!) and wondering what this celebratory mood means, and what politics really mean, and whether we can have some more Carmel cream sherry please because this is why people drink.  (We can.  Mmm!)

Because soon, the celebration and the honeymoon will all be over.  And we’ll be on to celebrating anniversaries.

And that’s pretty nice unless you voted for the wrong reasons, is it not?


PeeEss: Blogging + Côtes du Rhône= entertaining results.

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4 thoughts on “Metaphor Cocktails: Only as Good as The Alcohol You Use

  1. Vision of horror: millions of drunk Americans vote for Bush again. I know it can’t be. Yet… it is smart to make people vote on boob Tuesday??

  2. oh my goodness. people should not be voting while intoxicated. thankfully the louisiana primary is on saturday.

  3. Intoxicated, topless and voting for Ron Paul. Where ARE these women? :o)

  4. A presidential election in the year of the rat. Hmmm. What will that say about the winner? Oh, yeah, that they’re crafty and efficient and like cheese. Mm hm.

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