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Randomata: The Crafting and Requiem Edition

You know… I’m not going to whine about writer’s block.  I think I have plenty to write about– and no, Miss Gracie May (the cat!), your wheedling and moaning and purr-meowing is not going to make it on this entry.


Are cats secretly intensely cute Jedi Knights?


Anyway.  Where was I?  Ah yes.  Some incessant whining about why I didn’t write yesterday or blog about my grief over Heath Ledger’s death.

Yes, okay. 

The problem –because you know there is one– is that I’m pretty tired and rapt with other projects, such as a newly resuscitated love of quilting and of crocheting and of actually finishing up projects.

Oh, I know.  I’m in shock here, sitting on one and a half finished projects.  Can hardly believe it.

Ever since I started thinking and blogging about the 101 in 1001 project and jotting down things to do and finish, I’ve felt my energy and desire to do these things increase.  Which somehow has also translated to rolling into bed at –yes, do not laugh, please– around 9 pm, eyes bleary with sleep, and drifting off into a dreamless land beyond, where cool mossy stones beckon me and green fairies whisper my name.

So yes.  I’m mushy and fluffy and squishy-squashy, with a delicious marshmallow center.

And it was sad that Heath Ledger died.  Sad and unexpected– he never was much in the gossip tabloids either; there were never really too many nasty rumors about him or his now-known drug use.

I feel sad that we’ve lost a young, great talent.  And I feel sad for his ex-wife and his little girl.  And for the fact that he was simply so young.  Yes, many people die daily whose lives and stories we’ll never know; however, if we did know their stories and their sorrows and their battles with depression and mental illness, we would be sad just the same.  Maybe we’re better off not knowing all of the sorrows of everyone in the universe– it would be overwhelming and futile, much like hitting the "next blog" button for a couple of hours on a Blogger blog.

Seeing a person grow and mature before your eyes and be filled with promise hits people that much harder– it’s a bit like a little of us and our own vanity and dreams and immortality die with that person.

May you rest in peace, Heath Ledger.  I will always think of you in "10Things I Hate About You", and singing while dancing down the bleachers, and smile.

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2 thoughts on “Randomata: The Crafting and Requiem Edition

  1. I’ll admit, it was a shame we lost Heath. It’s always a shame when we lose one of the talents who was more about his talent than about being the next big media ass-show.
    And, your FB status makes me wonder. You need to msg me and tell me what is happening in (looks) three days. πŸ™‚

  2. It is very sad that Heath Ledger passed away. When my friend told me about it a few days ago, I thought he was kidding. Of course, I now know that he’s not.
    By the way, nice posts here. I like your writing πŸ™‚

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