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Cue The Violins

I don’t want to dwell on this, but I ….bla bla bla. ( Ahem.  Yes. this is an edit.  Sorry, aggregator readers– you get the undiluted stupidity, and I can’t help that.  Here I continue with the whine, but listen up because it’s worth your while.)

Sometimes I realize just how naïve and stupid I am– namely, something like this comes along and happens and I realize that unless I slap things like a trademark or a copyright symbol, I cannot keep track of my intellectual property.

Hey internets… the lesson for today is this:

Don’t think that people out there are going to respect you or your ideas.  There are thieves out there.

Don’t cry over stolen ideas: copyright and trademark, and realize that symbols like the © and the ™™™™™ are there for your protection.


Edited to add this:

God, I hate it when I’m whiny.  Seriously, just slap me.

Um…. it snowed today, by the way.  It was really pretty.  Whee!
Okay.  Talk tomorrow, right?  Right.  Byeeeeeee!

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4 thoughts on “Cue The Violins

  1. People can be so rude and downright obnoxious. Sorry your stuff got swiped.

  2. *nods* I never put anything on my site if it’s something I want to keep full control over.
    Although I don’t think there’s anything on my site anyone would want to copy unless it’s some of my poems. If so, I’m flattered.
    Even though I feel it takes more effort to search for something to steal than it does to write something up, I also realize that some people have a lot of trouble figuring out what to write.
    I also feel that if a person wants to take a copy of somebody else’s work the least they can do is credit the original person rather than claiming the work as their own.
    So was this post because someone copied something from you or because you read about someone who had their work stolen and claimed as someone else’s work?

  3. Hey, boss, you want I should rough her up for youse?
    Damn. She sucks. And you know what? the good news is, she probably does suck and couldn’t hold a candle to you, and folks will quickly realize that she’s not you, can’t be you, was never in the same league as you, and she can play all by herself.

  4. Naive? Maaaybe. 🙂 Stupid? Never.
    Take it as a sign that you are getting popular. 🙂 It’s happened to me, and it happens at least once to every good blogger.
    Email me when you get time, I promise to set you up so that this becomes an extremely rare event.

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