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If I Were a Laundress, I’d Starve With This List

Several things to unload:

  1. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman.  Also, one could argue that she is in this race because of the work she did on her back and not because she is a brilliant leading mind on her own.  She is brilliant on her own, granted.  But she kind of married the right guy, and has stuck with him despite being married to someone who doesn’t seem to respect her enough to be faithful to her… and then as soon as he was done with his stint, she carpetbagged her (very ample) butt to New York to get her piece of the pie.  Just seems kind of…. I don’t know.  Doesn’t paint a good picture of her character in my mind.  But enough of politics, right?  It’s unseemly for one such as I, obsessed with Britney Spears’ mental health and whatnot.
  2. You should go read "Zen Sarcasm Reviews" because I have a post about Cranium Bloom toys, which are super cute and fun.  Go now. 
  3. Rexlace. Is. Awesome.
  4. It’s Friday!  YAY!
  5. Why are you still moping and hemming and hawing?  Go read this and enjoy your Friday!
  6. Oh yeah.  Apparently some folks around the internet decided that yesterday was delurker day.  I missed it, but if you feel so inclined please do say howdy!

That is all.  Carry on.

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3 thoughts on “If I Were a Laundress, I’d Starve With This List

  1. DAMMIT. I have a very good friend who is a 100% certified lurker. If I had known yesterday was lurker day, I’d have called her on it. Poop.

  2. Hey. Your zombie keeps beating my vampire on Facebook. Stop it.

  3. I’m not a lurker around here, but I’m saying hi anyway! I’d just like a little more advance notice before the next Delurker Day.

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