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Danny Zuko Was Totally Right

You know what’s funny?

After thirty days have passed, you start to realize that you’re not quite ready to let those thirty days go.  That thirty days, much like thirty years (and one, for yours truly) are nothing but a blip on the radar.

That it is doable, and enjoyable –even if a little torturous at times– to write and read and enjoy the process.  And that you’re  not quite ready to let this go.


I’ve never been good at goodbyes: they make me sad and anxious and I don’t like thinking that I won’t see someone or something ever again.  My life has been filled with awkward goodbyes, juxtaposed with what I thought were some very excellent goodbyes which then were followed by awkward encounters, run-ins, and subsequent "Oh-never-mind-I-guess-I-wasn’t-really-going-anywhere"s –and I’m sure at least some of you can relate.

And I don’t know that I want to  say goodbye to NaBloPoMo because it’s been good to me– even if I haven’t kept up with many of the bloggers in my group or read as many blogs as I’ve wanted to read (which means that December is going to be busy!). 

And I guess I don’t have to say goodbye, right?  Because not only will there be many Novembers to come, but the blogs of others as well as mine will be here –unless it’s one of those dreaded "Next Blog" Frankensteins like Buy!!V!agr@C1@lisssssBLOG, and in that case I’m not so sure it’ll stick around.

Three cheers to us who made it! I personally feel like breaking out the bubbleh!

And three hisses and a gnarl to those who didn’t!  (naw, just kidding!)

Here’s to many wonderful, creative, inspired, and mentally exfoliating Novembers to come!

Hip, hip,  BLOGGAY!


So yes, this is just to say that thirty days of posting is, oddly enough, only the beginning.  Hey NaBlos: let’s keep in touch, yes?

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4 thoughts on “Danny Zuko Was Totally Right

  1. *starts up the marching band music* Hip, hip, BLOGGAY! Hip, hip, BLOGGAY! Hip, hip, BLOGGAY!
    Congrats! I knew you could do this.
    BTW did you receive my email?

  2. NaBloPoMo is OFFLINE. I am SO annoyed. I want to finish! 😡

  3. Yay! We made it! 🙂

  4. Ah, it’s not good-bye. I have another assignment for you and the community interaction, I hope, will be just as good.

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